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My new ebook, which is a short story, is now available for sale.

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by Bear, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Bear

    Bear Minstrel

    The Sparrow, which I posted some of the story on this site in the showcase section, has gone through editing and is now ready for sale. It will be available on amazon, barnes and noble, itunes, and other online ebook vendors. Currently, it is available on the authorhouse site for 3.99.

    The Sparrow - Jamie Horwath : AuthorHouse

    Jasper and Ben live a humble life at Hopson’s Funeral Home. They spend their days taking care of the recently deceased. On a stormy evening, a mysterious drifter appears at their door in search of some honest work. In need of a gravedigger, Ben takes the man in. After a night at the cemetery, the drifter begins to notice strange occurrences that will inevitably change his life forever. Delve into small-town paranoia and secrets as The Sparrow launches you on a supernatural experience.
  2. lawrence

    lawrence Troubadour

    Congratulations on getting it online, Bear. I will take a look in the Showcase here, but doesn't seem like the story setting is my usual taste. I used to read Stephen King stuff, but don't seem to feel drawn to contemporary supernatural stories now. I should try to broaden my reading, but hey free time is scarce :)

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