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Mythological Creatures Made of Stone/Dirt?


I'll answer anything, I never agreed with locking or discouraging posts on old threads. Why make a new one if there's one here already. Also I often break out off topic.

Pet rock


Since creatures such as giants, gnomes, dwarves, trolls and gargoyles have aleady been named, there are different fairies associated with earth, like bluecaps inhabitating mines. Then, there are Monopods, a certain kind ofo dwarf-like creatures with just one large foot. Oreads are mountains nymphs in Greek mythology. I believe Rocs were a kind of giant birds living on mountains.
And there are dragons, which can be of any element.
Also, I am not sure if something like an excremental would count as made of "dirt", ehehe. Not an official mythologicall creature though, I assume.