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Need feedback on my world


To the north lies the Polar Tundra, a vast plain which is often blanketed in thick snow, the southern fringes of the tundra are densely forested (mainly pine) and on the northern fringes lies the Great Glacier. In the great pine forest of the tundra dwell a barbaric people... the Skarlings (will go into more detail in another post about Skarlings). South of the tundra, past the Forlorn Mountains is the human kingdom of Roskva (again will go into more detail some other time), a feudal kingdom that though relatively small has a very varied landscape with vast steppes, small mountain ranges and dense forests. East of Roskva is the Shivering Straight, a wide body of water separating the two main continents.

I haven't developed much more yet, feedback wold be most appreciated.


What kind of feedback are you looking for? I'm not a big reader of High/Epic/Medieval fantasy, but this seems fairly standard as far as the basics of a world. How relevant is this geography to the story? Unless it's really important, it's probably best to focus on characters and plot. Just my two cents.


I'd expand it more, maybe draw a map? I mean, this is all pretty basic, surely you have a rough idea what is going on? We need more info to judge but I'd suggest to plot out your story first and then build the world around it, fleshing out the parts you need to as you go.
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