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New Policy on Sensitive Topics

Black Dragon

We've updated the Forum Guidelines to include the following:

Sensitive Topics

When discussing sensitive issues, all members participating in such a discussion (post originator and respondents) are required to take extra care and treat the topic with the appropriate gravity, making certain they exhibit open-mindedness, understanding, respect, & empathy for their fellow scribes.

Sensitive issues include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sexual assault (rape, molestation, incest, etc.)
  2. Gender-based discussions
  3. Racial relations
  4. Sexual orientation and self-identity
  5. Religion-based discussions
  6. Physical abuse (child abuse, torture, domestic violence, etc.)
We understand these topics have a place in literature. However, as a family friendly site, and with a diverse membership base, involved parties must exercise caution. As a participant in such a discussion, it is your responsibility to avoid framing questions and answers in an offensive manner. During presentation or debate, ensure your intention is to enlighten, educate, persuade, or learn.

A discussion directly related to writing will be granted more leeway by the moderators. However, we reserve the right to shut down any discussion that becomes weird, suspicious in intent, or provides a disservice to our community. Discussions that veer away from this guideline will be closed and/or deleted. Offenders may be issued infractions.

Above all, exercise good judgment.