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New SciFi/Fantasy Anthology Released June 1st!

RS McCoy

Several months ago, I submitted a story to an open call for submissions, and to my amazement, I was selected! My short story Demon Rising sits along side eleven other short stories in the new SciFi/Fantasy anthology titled Quantum Zoo. Each story includes the zoo as a theme or element, but otherwise, they are completely unique.

Check out the awesome website and keep your eyes peeled for this awesome anthology next week! Eek!

Quantum Zoo Website


I'm in it too!

Publication has been pushed back a little, to the 17th, but it's all looking good. There's a launch party on Facebook for it with giveaways and so on, but it's RS McCoy who knows all about that.

If anyone runs a book blog/review site, we have ARCs available (just mobi format at the moment).