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Noblebright fantasy author from Texas

Hi! I was directed here by a friend who said it's a most excellent place to confer with other fantasy writers about all things fantasy and craft. It sounds too good to be true, heh, but I'm hopeful. :)

I write noblebright fantasy--my current series is YA, but my future planned stories are not. I write around raising my small humans. I have always loved fantasy. I can't even think of a time when I DIDN'T read or watch fantasy. My all-time favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson, Jeff Wheeler, Jillian Boehme, and JA Andrews.

I'm not yet published, but am currently working on the books in my first to-be-pubbed series(editing 1, plotting/drafting 2, plotting 3...). I've written 3 books prior, nearly a decade ago now.

Um...I like hiking and nature(when it's not too hot outside). And tea and books. I think that's all I got. Intros are hard.

Looking forward to getting to know and learning from all you wonderful humans.
Hello :) I am also a Texas writer, and I find this forum to be super fun and eventful. Nice seeing you here!
So far I'm loving what I've seen! I'm lurking, reading through old threads a lot, lol. What area of Texas are you from? I originally hail from east, but currently live in the hill country.


I live in the hill country too near Temple and Killeen (small town Belton, lol)! And I started a book club in that area. XD It's been fun.