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On the complexities of writing a series


toujours gai, archie
Agreed, pmmg. But then I can't add the reader magnet at the back of the previous volume. And those chances, to pull in or pull along readers, are rare and precious. I do think that once I have the second book published (it's called The Tower of Guard) then I'll go back to the first and add "now available" text and maybe an excerpt.


Myth Weaver
Here's another aspect I've encountered. I've finished the first volume of my series. Of course there is a CTA (call to action) in the back matter and that's where I hit not so much a bump, still less a wall, but let's call it a wrinkle.

I want to say something about the next book. I don't even have a publication date. So I took a deep breath and claimed it will be out in 2023.

Yeah, I know. Big leap. But it made me at least think about it. Moreover, I'd really like to put in an excerpt, which also pulls readers forward. But is there any point when the next book is so far away (Carole King singing, doesn't anybody just write one book anymore?).

Even if it were closer, though (I can always go back and update the back matter on the ebook, at least), I find I'm fiddling with text right up through the proofreading stage. Do I really want to put in part of Chapter 1 of Book 2 before I know it's ready? I guess if I were one of those speed writers, I could get away with it, but for right now I have to leave those reader magnets out. *sigh*

Which is why I elected not to publish the first volume of my series until I had at least a rough draft of the last volume - I *KNEW* there'd be tweaks along the way, plus I would be putting myself into a 'rush to beat the deadline' situation.

Decisions made in earlier books affect plot points and other issue in later books. Once the first book is published, at least some things are 'set.' Anticipating changes and consequences occupies much of my writing time these days. Currently, minor plot changes and an unspotted internal timing issue is resulting in rewriting about a fifth of book five - plus adding five or six new chapters.


I dont know that i can wait for the whole series to be complete but it would be nice if i was there.