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Powers for the seven deadly sins

Discussion in 'Research' started by bob1thousand, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. bob1thousand

    bob1thousand Minstrel

    the main antagonists of my story are the seven deadly sins and I wanted to give each a power. So far I've got Gluttony with size changing (because eating) Lust with Shapeshfiting (because psychical looks) and Wrath with fire/heat (because anger).
    Any ideas for Pride, Greed, Envy and Sloth?
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  2. ChasingSuns

    ChasingSuns Sage

    Hmm, let me see. Here's what I have off of the top of my head.

    Greed: a sort of life drain/power drain/energy drain (needs it all)
    Envy: able to turn people against each other (creating envy between people).
    Sloth: a time-slowing ability (that way Sloth can take all the time in the world).

    Pride was the one I struggled with. I don't know the dynamic between each of them, but considering that pride is the root of all sin, I would consider a leadership role. Perhaps a conglomerate of all of the other's abilities. Or perhaps Pride created the others. Perhaps each power is a piece of Pride (and therefore Pride takes pride in these offspring). This could turn into a situation where, with the defeat of each sin, their power returns to Pride. Like I said, not sure about the specifics of the story, but this is just where my brain is going :p
  3. bob1thousand

    bob1thousand Minstrel

    I like the time manipulation and power drain.
    I haven't fully worked out the details yet, but what I do know for sure are that Wrath is the weakest and Pride is the leader and seemingly the strongest. In truth, Sloth is the most powerful and deep down, Pride knows it. It burns him up inside and he gives Sloth the hardest/most work to make himself feel better when they most likely fail (out of laziness, not inability). The only reason he hasn't and wouldn't try to kill her is because the sins see each other as family.
    I also know some of the descriptions. Gluttony resembles a very small and skinny teenage girl, Pride looks like a very tall and handsome blond body builder, Wrath is a 20's-ish man with short black hair and is the second shortest (only behind Gluttony, but she can become bigger it doesn't count to them), Lust is genderless and looks different nearly every time we see them, Sloth is a 20's-ish female with long hair going down to her knees as if she has never once cut them.
    One power idea I recently had for Pride is mental domination. it's kinda like diet mind control. Basically, he can compel/force someone to do something by exerting his will and it's effectiveness is dependent on their willpower and resistance they put up (so it can make someone like Sloth or Gluttony do whatever he wants while it does nothing to Wrath, Not that he would use it on them). The target is completely aware this is happening the entire time.

    Also, while I'm not sure about their origins yet I do know that their powers started out as curses/punishments that they've learned to utilize to their benefit. Like the more Gluttony eats the bigger they get so they're always hungry but they've learned be able to change at will.
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