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PSA: Choose Your Words Carefully

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Mindfire, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Miskatonic

    Miskatonic Auror

    This is essentially what you have to do to try and sell a script to a studio. Basically have 60 seconds to convince them the story is worthwhile. Then you have the movie poster which has to do the same for the consumer.
  2. Mythopoet

    Mythopoet Auror

    I used to think that sometimes.

    How on earth did The Wheel of Time get published? It's some of the worst storytelling I've ever come across. But it has hordes of fans. How did that happen? If you're able to take a step back and look at it from a more impartial frame of mind, you have to acknowledge that it's because there are thousands readers that really, really enjoy those books. And you have to acknowledge, if you are intellectually honest, that there is nothing wrong with that. That different people enjoy different things and just because there's someone who enjoys something that I did not enjoy at all, does not mean they are somehow wrong about it. Fiction is all about the experience and the experience varies highly from person to person. Someone else's experience of a thing is not wrong just because it is different from mine.

    The Wheel of Time got published because someone at a particular publisher read it and said "I bet there are a lot of readers who will want to buy this." That person was correct. The publication of The Wheel of Time made a ton of happy readers into fans. So, without a doubt, The Wheel of Time deserved to be published, whether I think it's crap or not.

    Every single book that has been published has been published because someone thought there was a good chance people would buy it and enjoy it. Sometimes books get published and readers don't respond positively to them, they sink into obscurity, Sometimes books get published that some readers respond to really positively, but most readers don't, and then the few fans go around wondering why no one else likes this obviously wonderful work. Sometimes the books that are the most popular, the most beloved are also the books that are the most hated and maligned. Twilight, 50 Shades, Eragon, Shannara, etc. No one has the right to judge that any of those books don't deserve to be published. If a story gives even a handful of readers an experience that they enjoy and value, then it has done what a story is supposed to do.
  3. Guy

    Guy Inkling

    All. The damn. Time.
  4. Mindfire

    Mindfire Istar

    Are Eragon and Shannara really that popular though? Eragon's Fandom seems to have evaporated, and I only ever see Shannara referenced on articles about how *not* to write fantasy.
  5. Incanus

    Incanus Auror

    According to the Wikipedia intro on Terry Brooks, he is one of the best-selling, living fantasy authors. I've always considered the Shannara stuff pretty weak, even as a kid when I first encountered it (probably around 1979-80), I felt it was lacking. But as we've seen, success and quality are all too often exclusive to one another.
  6. T.Allen.Smith

    T.Allen.Smith Staff Moderator

    Quality is subjective.

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