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[Reading Group] December 2014 Voting

Discussion in 'Novels & Stories' started by Philip Overby, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Philip Overby

    Philip Overby Staff Article Team

    Not much discussion in November for obvious reasons (NaNoWriMo, a book that I felt probably wouldn't get much attention unfortunately) so we're on to December. This is another month I suspect may not get too much discussions due to holidays, traveling and such, but let's hope we get some discussion any way.

    I'm listing a couple of books that Steerpike mentioned in the other thread to see if there is any interest. If one books stands out to you, feel free to vote on it.

    Dragondoom, Dennis L. McKiernan
    Ready Player One
    Abercrombie's Half a King
    Daggerspell, Katharine Kerr
    Feast of Souls, C.S. Friendman
    Some kind of Fairy Tale, Graham Joyce
    Blood of Ambrose, James Enge
    The House of the Stag, Kage Baker
    1Q84, Haruki Murakami
    Winterlong, Elizabeth Hand

    Feel free to vote for two or three that stand out to you.

    I'm picking the following:

    1. Blood of Ambrose (I read some by James Enge before in a short story collection and liked his work)
    2. Dragondoom (because Steerpike highly recommends it so I'll give it a try)
    3. Feast of Souls (because I always loved that cover art)
  2. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator


    If you want to do the James Enge, I'm happy to do something I haven't read yet. I only mentioned Dragondoom since I've been planning to re-read it anyway, just to see how it holds up from when I was twenty.

    Also, we have never done an indie book, and I wonder what you think of the idea of doing one. If we do, I'd like to read Daniel Swensen's Orison‚Äč. I might even be able to drum up participation for that one on Google+ (by which I mean getting people there to create accounts here and read along).

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