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Seek Worldbuild Team - Small (5-10 Writers)


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I've made a few maps of my world and came to realize I roughly have 3-4 hours a week to contribute to this world. I am a big fan of reading and writing. Not only would it create the content quicker, but it would be nice to share the story among writers rather than waiting until completion to share with players so I am looking for a small team with a love for writing. I can not compensate for your work or time, I'm seeking those with the same love for worldbuilding as I have and wanting to share communitively like I do.

If this is you, please reach me on discord: FatherMoose#7178


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1 - II this for a game? A series of novels? Or a collection of short stories?

2 - What is the genre? SF? Epic Fantasy? Horror?

3 - What races are present? Elves? Dwarves? Goblins? Are there any unique races?

4 - What sort of magic system? Is it innate to the caster? Weak - with wizards limited to a mere handful of spells? Or are spellcasters near demi-gods? Is magic accepted, restricted, or prohibited? Are there special requirements to work magic?

5 - Gods - 'real' or not? 'Active' or not?


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1. This would be for a game. Tabletop RPG (likely geared toward D&D5e)

2. Medieval Fantasy would be the genre.

3. All the races one would find in the D&D handbooks (PHB, Ebberon, etc) I would assist in sharing the list.

4. Magic is possible in the world from a substance that is in the air in Freyda (name of world) This substance is ingested and allows it to become a biological property so your thoughts can send messages to the substance and allow one to become magically inclined. Magic is considered restricted in the region we are starting with, as it is governed by a faction called the Crownmage. This area is nearly half the size of a state in america.

5. Gods are real, they are restricted to their involvement in Freyda. (Can dive deeper on Discord) however, of the 9 deities created 3 are 'active' and can make an appearance in the world itself and interact having direct involvement. Still, with red tape for certain things.