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Self-Published By Choice - interesting article


yet no 'tone down the snark' on this comment:

I see how things work round here....


If for some reason you think I gave slight to BWFoster78 let me clarify my comment for you.

What I was saying is that I thought BWFoster78, based on what he told us, HAD MADE EXACTLY THE RIGHT CHOICE by self publishing.

Where I am from telling someone "I think you might the right choice for the right reasons" is not snark.

I have read a lot of posts by BWFoster78, and while I don't agree with him on everything, I have the utmost respect for him and would never approach his thoughts with sarcasm or snark.


Nor is anything I post snark and is absolutely on target.

My post is true, not snark. And yes it was in reply to you, but is broader than that.

Carry on. You know it all.


Myth Weaver
For the record, I didn't view Russ' comment to me as snark at all. I got out of it that the personal reasons I expressed for self publishing made more sense to him than the ones expressed in the original article.


Myth Weaver
About competing with other authors, I've never seen it that way. My only goal is to make what I'm presenting as cool as possible in the hopes someone will pick it in the sea of other titles. If anything, I find that if there are writers who doing something similar to what I'm doing, it will only encourage them to buy more of that style. I know I did that when I first discovered GRRM. I sought out a lot of other writers in a similar vein.


Excellent point!

One of the authors here at MS recommended the book Confessions of a D-List Supervillain. I liked it so much that I've now read at least twenty books in the super hero genre. If not for that book, I'd never have discovered any of those other authors.



Caged Maiden

Article Team
You know...and this may be a little off topic...since I posted my opening story woes, I've felt a lot more connected to this community than I have in past months. Some of you are in the exact same place I am and if I hadn't posted that, I'd have been feeling much more alone, as i have for a year in this phase.

I've also met a couple ladies who write in my genre and who have become very supported and interested, and that was a HUGE boost, just to know I'm not the only person writing this kind of story. There may be readers out there and we may even be able to help promote for each other, just like Brain and Phil mentioned above! How marvelous! I never knew.

Anyways, the thing is, I'm back to strongly considering self-publishing, for a two-fold reason. One, this is a stand alone novel and so yes, it would be good to traditionally publish without the weight of a series looming over me (which I'd want to sell the whole thing), but I strongly considered doing exactly what Brian is doing so that in the future, I might catch an agent's attention by already having a fan base. Two, I like the idea of running my own show, even if it isn't commercial and wide-spread. I'm not trying to make money or write a best-seller. I'm just hoping to entertain with a few books and mostly just keep writing. So...no I haven't queried with a big net, but I've tested the waters and come up with nothing. But I'm meeting more people every day lately who might actually enjoy my work, and that's a big boost as I finish the last chapter of this book and decide whether to pursue the agents still out there, or whether I send it to my editor and just do my best to make it professional and shell out a few grand to reach my goal.

I'm so excited to be at this point, because I've worked really hard to get here, and it can be really discouraging, but I feel like we're a bit of a band of brothers in the leaky boat. If we all bail and take turns paddling, I think we'll be alright! I always want to see every writer reach their own goals, but I'm especially happy when it's folks I've worked with and seen put in the time, and I cheer for them and their successes just as I would my own. It's one of the reasons this forum means so much to me. Hands down, the best place to connect with other writers and get a little support from folks who understand the way your non-writing friends and family don't really understand.



Let's not extend this argument beyond this point.

It isn't productive. It's off topic. And, it's going to get personal, if it hasn't already.

I'm asking each of you to drop it and move on. If either has any further need to comment, you may address those comments to me through PM or discuss the matter civilly with one another through PM.

Thank you.


Caged Maiden

Article Team
I'm really glad we have folks on both sides of this issue, because it's confusing as hell trying to figure out the "best" path, and while everyone wants to find the best possible path for their work, we're all comparing random objects (as in not even apples and oranges anymore) because our personal ideas of success are so widespread.

Thanks Pauline for sharing your personal experiences. That was really informative and congratulations on building your business up by yourself, that's a really daunting concept for me, but I hope I can be as brave as you.

Every time we debate the benefits of traditional publishing and self-publishing, I find myself wanting to do further research, just hoping to find some really glaring, overwhelming reason that one is hands down the better choice, but I've come to realize that doesn't exist. It all comes down to choices, and for me...I'm jut not sure how I can make my own decision. I guess I'm just not a leader when left on my own. I'm desperate for a mentor and have been for more than a year (when I pretty much finished this book), and I guess I was hoping an agent would help guide me like a mentor through publishing and tell me what I had to do. Now...I'm not even sure that is relevant or desirable. I'm really thinking about going it alone again, but if I commit to it, am I shooting myself in the foot publishing only one book? Should I turn the single stand alone into a series? Should I hold off on the stand alone and start rewriting my fantasy series for publishing (9 books), or should I just take it easy and publish as I get things done, regardless of what order I finish them in?


Myth Weaver
This thread reminds me of the 'Iron Pen Anthology' we turned out (self published) a year ago.

Three months in and we sold...27 copies? Hadn't heard anything since. Did try a bit of quiet promotional stuff for it elsewhere. Last I checked, part of it had somehow migrated to Google Books.