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SFF Short Stories


I realized lately that even though I tend to mostly write short stories, I don't read very many of them. So I've been making an effort to look up some up-and-coming names in the SFF short story market and diversify my reading. I feel that we don't hear nearly as much about the SFF short story market as we probably should, there's some really original ideas there! And one of the great things is that most of them are free online to read (at least, those stories I've come across so far).

I just spent about an hour reading all of Alyssa Wong's deliciously creepy fantasy/horror short stories and now I'm really inspired to jump back into my own shorts. Also slightly freaked out. I almost never read horror but she's the exception! She writes a lot of Asian fantasy/horror with a really unique voice. Very immersive stories, extremely creepy. I really recommend Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers, which recently won a Nebula, and The Fisher Queen, which has really creepy mermaids.

Another great writer I've come across is Shveta Thakrar, who writes South Asian fantasy that is beautifully lyrical and almost poetic. Really rich settings, different kinds of stories you don't see normally. One that I really liked was The Shadow Collector, a story about a very unusual garden and its even stranger gardener.

What are your favorite SFF short stories & short story authors? Or stories/authors you're interested in reading?


Myth Weaver
I don't read a lot of short stories in any genre. If I do its' because they are from an author I already know.
I liked Carole Nelson Douglas and her Midnight Louie tales. Okay its a detective story rather than SFF, but come-on the MC is a wise-cracking cat...