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Short stories about wizards.

Does anyone write these?
I like mixing concepts of wizardry with other concepts.
Such as alien wizardry and such silly things.


Myth Weaver
Well...I dont often write shorts anymore, but I did write them in the past, and have used wizards. My first published story was about wizards growing dark.

I dont tend to give a lot of attention to magic systems though. And as I tend to favor the sword part of swords and sorcery, my wizards dont tend to be MC's, or fare very well ;) I dont think I would have ever written a story like HP for instance.

But, like everything else, I am less interested in what they can do, than the story I can write with them. Short Stories do have the luxury of focusing in more on just one problem or conflict. So magic could play a bigger role in them than I might use otherwise.

What would you want to explore about them?