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Spart - Collaborative Artwork and Writing Platform


New Member
Hello everyone!

I asked the moderators of this community for the opportunity to share a new collaborative social media app that I have developed and they have given me the chance to do so!

Spart is a new collaborative web based social media platform where visual artists, writers, voice actors, and music producers can pair their work together. If a visual artist creates a beautiful painting that inspires you, you are able to write a story and pair your work with theirs. The opposite can happen as well, if you write a short story a visual artist may be inspired and may pair a painting of theirs with your work. It's a place for storytelling through art, music, writing, and your voice. It's designed to inspire creators of all types and mediums.

If this sound interesting, feel free check it out: site.spart.xyz

The app itself: spart.xyz

Let me know if you have any questions! I'm always open to feedback.