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Speaking of prejudice against genre fiction...


And then my wife and I are developing a TV series for HBO with strong genre connections, which is called Hobgoblin, and it’s about a team of con artists and stage magicians and various charlatans who are assembled by British intelligence during World War II to fight against German spies, and we’re having a lot of fun with that one, but again that’s also a long way away from any kind of certainty.

That sounds brilliant. I mean, I noticed the John Carter of Mars film well after it was completed. Rather excited now hehe.

I believe I found a new friend in this author. He speaks so much truth, AND is a good example why some literary elitists are ruining it for everyone! He didn't have a good reason why he wasn't writing what he read. So he forgot about the critics and just wrote what ever he like!

Philip Overby

Article Team
It's good to hear established writers standing up against snobbery. Good fiction is good fiction, regardless if it's genre or not.