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starconstant - Katharine


Hello all. This forum really does look lovely :)

My friend Fodwocket joined earlier and told me of this forum, so here I am.

I've been writing almost daily since 1999 or so. Except for the last year where the only writing I've done has been during Script Frenzy and NaNoWriMo. I'm working hard now to get back into my writing - I've just been very demotivated. I've studied how to write too hard - what not to do, what mistakes everyone makes, etc. It makes it very hard to write when you over-analyse yourself before you finish the first paragraph!

I still adore writing though. During my year 'off', I still wrote 100 words each day. My friends and I attended writing workshops at conventions, and travelled to WorldCon - which was held in Melbourne, Australia. It was beyond amazing.

I'm also a writer for the site http://sentientonline.net/ - which Fodwocket owns and runs.

Other than that, I'm a massive geek - I adore video games and everything else. My favourite TV show is Doctor Who. I'm about to start watching Young Justice League. I'm in several rps (most notably in the Main BBC Sherlock rp on twitter) and my favourite music is Florence and the Machine and similar so-ons.

I adore to travel - my favourite destinations being London (where I'll be again in April!) and Tokyo.

Annnnd I've rambled on enough for now. I can't wait to meet you all, and I can't wait to start writing a few thousand words every day again. I hope that I can be helpful and interesting to all I run into out there :)

Black Dragon

Welcome, Katherine!

There are quite a few Doctor Who buffs here, myself included.

I love the new Doctor, Matt Smith. I was skeptical when both Russel T. Davies and David Tennant left the series. But Stephen Moffat and Smith have actually improved upon it. This past season was the best in years.

Have you seen the new Sherlock series on the BBC? Stephen Moffat writes it as well. It's phenomenal.


Welcome star! I've already seen you quite active in posting, and I encourage you to keep it up; you seem rather insightful. Oh, and don't worry about rambling... writing too much is never possible in discussions, only in novels ;)
Hi Star...welcome home! I hope you've been enjoying yourself. I know what you mean about over-analyzing your own work. I think I went thru 138 renditions of one chapter before I finally had the guts to post it. I'm lookingrward to reading some of your work in the showcase. There are a few submissions there now and we're pretty good about posting feedback (if you so desire feedback).

Rambling is something "other" people should worry about. As writers.....we call it details. ;)


Thank you for the kind welcomes!

I agree about Doctor Who. When the first previews of S5 came out, I really thought they were aiming it at the younger audience. Moffat and Matt (and Karen, and Arthur) however have totally blown me away with how amazing they are. Originally Eigth was my favourite doctor (that voice and those audiobooks, wow) but Matt has since stolen his place. And then leaped and bounded well away from it.
I absolutely adore Sherlock. I eagerly awaited each episode and when I'm next in London, I'll be scouting out all the places seen in the show. I can't wait! I adore the rp I'm in (where I play John) and we've been contacted by the BBC. Apparently so many people were contacting them to see if we were real, they've asked us to say that we're not in our profiles, to stop some of the emails. Which is also nice for our egos.

And thank you, Legerdemain! I used to help run a site called Fiction[NET], which has since stopped running a few years ago when everyone became too busy with uni/college and life. So I'm quite excited to have somewhere similar again, and I'm afraid it resulted in practically spamming the forums.

That sounds pretty good, Meg! I'm really, really shy with my work at the moment. It needs a lot of work. I'd probably need to go through the same 138 revisions of a few paragraphs before I got brave enough to post it. Or just sick of it and just post it to get it away. Either way. I really need to build up my confidence in my writing again, and hopefully of a good year of writing, again, I'll get there.

Once again, thank you for your welcomes :)


Hello starconstant!

I see you've made quite an appearance across the boards already. Good to see another writing buff and according to your intro you are quite so. Hope to hear more from you yet. :)