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Stephen King Interview

Discussion in 'Writing Resources' started by CTStanley, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. CTStanley

    CTStanley Scribe

    Firstly, I'm aware Stephen King isn't a fantasy writer... but horror is often seen as being somewhere in the fantastical realm, and I really liked this interview with him. I'm not personally much or a fan of reading horror, but I think he's an exceptional man.

    Stephen King: The 'Craft' Of Writing Horror Stories : NPR

    The bit about halfway down, not the bit about his car accident.


    "If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There's no way around these two things that I'm aware of, no shortcut.

    I'm a slow reader, but I usually get through seventy or eighty books a year, mostly fiction. I don't read in order to study the craft; I read because I like to read. It's what I do at night, kicked back in my blue chair. Similarly, I don't read fiction to study the art of fiction, but simply because I like stories. Yet there is a learning process going on. Every book you pick up has its own lesson or lessons, and quite often the bad books have more to teach than the good ones."
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  2. Clarence Matthews

    Clarence Matthews Dreamer

    I am a big fan of him, even though I don't write in, or even read terribly much of his genre. All of his interviews I have ever seen have been incredibly enlightening and insightful.
  3. Sir Rico

    Sir Rico Acolyte

    The man is a legend among Authors and interviews very well. I am ashamed to say that i have never read one of his novels though.
  4. code

    code New Member

    I'm not a big horror fan, so I've never read any of Stephen King's horror stories... I have, however, read some of the Dark Tower series. For those of you without much exposure to King, I'd highly recommend it: an immersive, Western-style fantasy world with vivid detail and an enthralling story--probably features that would be more readily appreciated amongst this audience :)
  5. neotank

    neotank New Member

    King's Eyes of the Dragon is classic fantasy, and in my opinion, one of the finest.
  6. Jamber

    Jamber Sage

    Timely thread, CTStanley! I've just been listening to Bag of Bones on audio--a novel about writers' block. It's not the most gripping of his novels but even so it's hard to set aside. What a master of drawing out tension he is! I'm always in awe.

    For me, by far the most gripping read of 2011 was 11/22/63, King's novel about the Kennedy assassination. Oddly, the author settled on the idea that it was a lone gunman (the most far fetched yet boring of possible scenarios), but right until the ending where it got rather silly it was an extraordinary novel.

    Thanks for the link above -- I'll go look at it now.

  7. Iamfenian

    Iamfenian Closed Account

    I live close by to Mister King (his house from the outside is fantastic!) and have seen him several times in Borders (he was so disheveled!!) but I think his comment about Stephanie Meyers was unwarranted, almost taboo as I find him as not so much as a good writer but a good story teller. There's a big difference. And his books appeal to millions, some who would not normally read a book. But with that said, kudos to him for being the success he is!!!:D
  8. michealmurrayart

    michealmurrayart Dreamer

    arrg I wish I wasn't busy now, I really wanna read this! Stephen King is awesome xD
  9. Grimmlore

    Grimmlore Minstrel

    Just wanted to thank you for posting this link. I took a look at it immediately. Two days ago I received a text message from the lady that owns my local book shop. She let me know that my order had finally arrived :) I am three quarters of the way into the book Stephen King 'On Writing'.

    Before I saw this post, I was one of those newbie writers that honestly didn't have a clue (regardless of the passion that is there).
    Already (and I haven't even finished it) I can tell my own work has drastically improved, I've become completely inspired. If not for your post, id have never received this amazing resource.

    I highly recommend any aspiring reader to rush out and get a copy ASAP. As well as an interesting read, Stephen King shares with us some of those little lessons that we all come across on our writers journey.

    I wanted to share this with you all.

    I read this and instantly my brain went 'Piiiiiinnnnnggggg' something stuck hard with me after that.
    Stephen King has taught me through this book, so much more than I had hoped I would learn when walking into the bookstore and placing an order that day.

    Highly HIGHLY recommended :)
  10. KRHolbrook

    KRHolbrook Scribe

    Urgh, Stephen King is one of those authors whose books I just can't get into. Five books I've got from him and I've only liked one, and haven't finished two of them, including the On Writing. :(
  11. T.Allen.Smith

    T.Allen.Smith Staff Moderator

    Regardless, he's certainly prolific & commercially successful. There's a wealth of career writing advice in this book.

    Did you see the movie "The Shawshank Redemption"? If so, did you like it?

    How about "The Green Mile"?

    Both written by King.
  12. Philip Overby

    Philip Overby Staff Article Team

    I just recently finished "On Writing" for the second time. It's not so much a "do this and you'll get published book" which I think some people may have expected. But it gives insight into the mind of one of most successful writers of all time and what his perspective is on writing throughout his life. Lessons he learned, mistakes he made. I enjoyed it more the second time around, actually.
  13. Sparkie

    Sparkie Auror

    Same here, Phil. And you're right, he's not necessarily presenting a foolproof method to get published. At the risk of oversimplifying the book, I'd say he just wants to help people write better.
  14. KRHolbrook

    KRHolbrook Scribe

    The green mile is a good one, but the other movie didn't interest me.
  15. Meyer

    Meyer Minstrel

    I don't know how you can say he isn't a fantasy writer when he has done The Dark Tower series and at least one fantasy novel.
  16. Iamfenian

    Iamfenian Closed Account

    I am fortunate as I am slated to do a split interview with Stephen King. Split as the other journalist will be doing his part via phone as it's a European magazine and I happen to be geographically close to where King lives. Focus mostly on film productions, of his works, past and future.

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