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Tablo: Watch Writers Write

Philip Overby

Article Team
That's a tagline I added myself, but Tablo markets itself as kind of a Youtube for writers. It's a way to read stories as they're being written, which I think is kind of cool, but also kind of nerve-wracking also. I'm doing my NaNoWriMo with Tablo this year, just because, why the hell not? My story is kind of an intro to my Splatter-Elf world which I've been messing around with some for a while. It's all about being weird, not worrying about being completely original, and being silly. So far, so good.

Has anyone else checked out this site? NaNoWriMo is working in conjunction with them to publish five writers during the month of November. It's mostly for people who garner lots of attention, gain followers, and the like. So I have 0 followers so far, but I'm interested to see how it turns out.

If you want to follow along my weird trek through the unknown, you can check out The Bloody Unicorn: A Weird Tale of Splatter-Elf here: https://www.tablo.io/philip-overby/the-bloody-unicorn