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Tell me about your non-Medieval Europe based settings.

T B Carter

My books are mostly set in a prehistoric style world so lots of big scary (weird) creatures, human technology is around the early industrial revolution level (ok maybe a bit of steampunk snuck in while I wasn't looking) and the relatively small human population is spread along one massive river.

D. Gray Warrior

I had a Pre-Colombian Americas themed world at one point, and the main characters hailed from Zapota, which was based on the Aztecs but with some Roman influences, as well. On the surface, they were just like the Aztecs with their geography, architecture, clothing, human sacrifices, etc, but they also had complex infrastructure like the Romans, and the political system of Zapota was very similar to that of the Roman Empire. They also had gladiatorial fights. The religion was kinda based on Ancient Greek mythology, mainly with the emphasis on Fate.

The neighboring kingdom was supposed to be Olmec, and they were constantly at war with each other. This nation was called Lazupec. The Lazupec built large basalt heads just like the Olmec in real life, but theirs were enchanted and can talk and make all the facial expressions humans can make.

Sanzi were the Incans and had a standard fantasy monarchy. They were also often at war with Zapota.

I also recall Chettawah, who were the Cherokee and had Snake Warriors (think Aztec Eagle Warriors or Jaguar Warriors, but with a snake motif.)


Article Team
There was a question in the daily world building thread which allowed me to sum my story up in a few words:

"It's a modern-day fantasy world, but without cars."

The core idea was to take a bog standard fantasy world, and then try and imagine what it would be like if it didn't get stuck in the dark ages but developed until it reached the same level as the real world of today. Things changed a little bit from that concept over time, but it's still fairly close to that idea.

Mind you, it's not an attempt to be "realistic" about it. It's just a starting point to draw ideas from.


Well, the current book I am working on takes place in 6th century BC. Egypt and Greece. So that yeah that's fairly non-medieval but still Europe-ish since Greece is part of Europe.


The world I'm working on has four major continents. One is based on medieval Europe. North of there is Verdland which is based on Scandinavia. It's a harsh land producing a harsh people. Frost Giants are the dominant race here, leaving Humans and Tomte(short elven folk) to fight over the scraps. Add to that to that the recent arrival of a new group of Inuit inspired humans along with the Adlet(dog-folk) and you've got a powder keg.
To the south is Gondwana, which is based in Africa. I've not fleshed it out much yet.
To the East is an unnamed land based on Asia, mostly China and Japan at the moment. Xiana was a great empire. When the emperor died, three groups vied for power. The Capital is a massive city surrounded by The Great Scar which is a massive pit dug out by a Jinn to protect the city with a labyrinth below to enter and leave. While the three armies fought over the city, many other parts of the empire rebelled and formed new nations.
My basic idea in this world is to take the mythology, folklore and history of these places and make them all fit together in one world. The Europe part is fairly easy for me. The others require more research