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Thanks vs. Add Reputation?


:confused: Sorry if this newbie question doesn't belong in this forum :confused:

What is the difference between "thanks" for someone's post, and "adding" to their reputation for someone's post? Is one preferred over the other?



Myth Weaver
"Thanking" someone only gives 5 rep points per hit, while "adding" reputation gives a varying amount based on how many rep you've already given and/or received. I'm not certain of the math behind it at all, but for example I've received 5795 points in all, and my "rep power" (how many I give out each time I "add" rather than "thank") is 98.

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The HAM'ster
The Add-Rep button is like "secret thanks" plus you can add a message. The first time it gives 1 point. If you keep using it, it gives more. I just gave 169 points to someone whose post made me laugh.

You can do both, but it has to be Add Rep first, Thanks second. If you hit Thanks, you can't Add Rep. You also get limited use of each, with more use of Thanks than Add Rep. You know you're out when you try to thank someone and can't.

I don't know the exact workings of this. The above is based purely on years of observation.


Woah! I had no idea how that worked. Glad the question was asked. I think I'll be adding rep vs. thanking more often now.