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The Chronicles of Narnia

BJ Swabb

Hello everyone. So my very first fantasy series I have ever read was The Chronicles of Narnia by CS LEWIS. What is your thoughts on the series? What book is your favorite, what is your second and why? As for me The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is the well known classic, and I do love it ever so much. The Pevensies, Tumus the Faun, The White Witch and Aslan you can't go wrong with but my all time favorite is Prince Caspian. This story brings in the world of man into the series which I thought was extremely a wise way to go with writing it. Plus Reepicheep the Brave and Loyal Narnian Mouse is my favorite character. What is your thoughts on the series please let's discuss.


Myth Weaver
I have only ever read Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. I am familiar with the other stories. I personally felt these were for a younger crowd than me. Of CS Lewis's stuff that I have read, I liked the Screwtape letter more. I found it gave me more to thing about.

There are many authors I like better, but I appreciate his contribution to fantasy and philosophy.
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My favourite would have to be The Magicians Nephew, with Uncle Andrew, and Polly and Digory, as if he had just been blubbing, and it is the introduction to Jadis, Aslan himself - and of course the lamppost. I especially like the deplorable word. The next would have to be, The Horse and his Boy, with Shasta, from Archenland. My mother and I are almost finished watching the 80’s rendition, and I own the series in one volume. I know my choices are sequential, but still favourite. Fun fact, I share a name with one of the characters in the series, not one of the four of Cair Paravel, but within the city they visit as adults in the second book.


The Pevensie kids must have done something extraordinarily wicked -- they had to go through puberty/adolescence twice.

Ned Marcus

I loved all of them as a child and read them many times. My favourite? I'm not sure. I loved the first one. And the second. The Horse and His Boy was great, too.


I'm a bit ashemed I haven't read this, although I did watch it on TV maybe a bit more than two decades ago.

Although its something I hope to be able to read in the future as its a classic.


I have only ever read the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I also watched its adaptation and that of Prince Caspian. So not exactly an expert on Lewis' books.