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The "Daily" Worldbuilding Prompt

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Ban, Oct 25, 2018.

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    You must obtain the right to own property, dispensed by priestly powers to the faithful. After the requisite number of goats have been dispatched, and you've bathed in their congealing blood, you can petition the gods through their priesthood.

    ...perhaps for another tale. For my current WIP, it's a good question. I hadn't considered it, though home ownership is open to anyone with enough wealth to buy one or have one built.
  2. Vaporo

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    Question 50: I’ve spent quite some time in your world by now, and would like to settle down. How do I obtain a house?

    You buy one. Or rent something. How else? Housing isn't terribly expensive in Antisan cities since the economy is doing so well. If living in close quarters with other people isn't your cup of tea, land in the countryside can be purchased at an all time low because of how many former farmers have moved into the city.

    In Antisa, land has always been owned privately by individuals. By law, if you settle on unowned, unused land and can prove that you are actively using that land, it becomes yours. The amount of such unsettled land available has decreased in recent years, but there's still quite a lot of land in the mountain where you can stake your claim. There may be local lords to whom you must pay taxes, but it is illegal to tax for a value greater than a quarter of the value your land produces, or to annex your land for himself. If you own land, it is permanently yours.

    This point of property law was laid down during the formation of the nation of Antisa. The government of Antisa was actually once an organized crime ring. The word "Antisa" once literally meant "mafia." After the collapse of the Untian Empire and its government, the crime bosses were the first to step up and fill the role. In a lawless time when bandits roamed the countryside in droves, often setting themselves up as local "lords," the crime bosses realized that the easiest was to gather support and legitimize themselves above these despots was to guarantee the protection of certain rights. Among these rights was the right to own land. And it worked. People and towns pledged themselves to Antisa in droves. Thus, the law has stood firm to this day.
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    Either build one, make enough money for one. Or, since this is after the Lich Wars, take someone else's house. Chances are pretty damn good they're either dead or undead. Then you can fix it up and make it your own and pay the taxes for it, you're all set. Or live in a gold elf/orc style commune or live out of a river house or even buy a caravan wagon home. Or join with a group that has one and get one of your own in time. Take up a cave if you need to, they can be made quite comfortable (you'll still get taxed even in a cave, there's laws y'know). Or take over an old dwarven fortress monastery or build upon the ruins of former villages and maybe make your own. Hell, if you feel like taking an old mountain with a nice vista view and very firm and entrenched house built by dwarves, goblins or trolls, take one of those.

    Again, overall, just pay your taxes and you'll be fine with any of them. The going rates for abandoned and post apocalyptic homes is about the same, even if you set up shop in a hovel, manor or fastness. Just save up some coin or food stores to barter when the tax being shows up.

    For tax free environs, try making your home in another dimension. Though there are very few dimensional options outside of drow hands, still can try.
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    Question 6: Pets and mounts. Which are some of the interesting ones your world has? (Bonus question: For what are they used?)

    Anyone who wants to make a real impression tries to get their hands on an al-buraq - a breed of flying horse - and go dragon slaying with sword and armour just like in the old days. Death by dragon is the biggest killer of aristocrats in the Kharran Empire. Falling off an al-buraq is the second.

    Question 7: Days, Weeks, Months, Years. How are they measured and what are they called?

    There are seven days in a week: senyo, makisenyo, irobi, hamusi, aribi, kidame and ihurdi. There are four weeks in every month.

    There are thirteen months in a year: Every month is twenty-eight days. Dyunisus, Hira, Hyfaystus, Ufrudit, Histia, Hiarmis, Dimitir, Aris, Artamis, Abulu, Athina, Buasidum and Zuyus. New Years Day is a standalone day called Hadis. Every four years is a standalone leap day called Kenini Yirak'u. New Years Day and the months are named after the gods.

    Question 8: Can you give me the synopsis of one of your people's cultural/national epics? The foundational myths as it were.

    The Ballad of Hadis is often told by campers sitting around the camp fire. When Zuyus sent the gods to seek suitable creatures to populate the world with Hadis set out to find the most loathesome creatures in the universe. He found the karkadaan, the bags and the roc. Zuyus was furious and wouldn't let Hadis place these creatures in this new world. The two gods fought each other but neither would back down so Hira (the Queen of the Gods) told them they had to perform a ballad to persuade the other gods why they should have their way. The Ballad was how Hadis told the story of the suffering these creatures went through in their home worlds. It was so moving the gods voted to let the creatures be allowed onto this world.
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    Question 9: What do your common folk do for fun? (Bonus question: What does the elite think about this?)

    My main character is a commoner. She likes to listen to radio dramas, watch gangster movies at the flicks and go wave boarding at the beach. When money allows she goes to the Khamis Tavern in the port area and has a few jugs of Mammoth's Piss (a nickname for a very popular local beer) with the dock workers. She's a striker for the local nutball team (a game like field hockey where a coconut rather than a ball is used). When her best male friend is in town they drive out to the countryside to have a picnic and hopefully avoid the less savoury creatures lurking about.

    The ruling elite reckons they should focus more on the arts and working on their intellects rather than indulging in such trivial stuff.

    Question 10: Can you tell me a tale, that is fictional within your world?
    In a sense, all stories are true in the OmniCosmos. It just depends on your perspective.

    The Idiot's Lament is a series of raunchy tales based around the adventures of the most successful female pirate in the Great Western Sea. Her name was Raja the Axe because she fought with a woodcutter's axe rather than a sword. Her many antics include stealing a boat full of spices from under the very nose of an Emperor, joining a harem so she could seduce the daughter of a Prince, single handedly defeating a dragon using nothing but an axe and inventing the very seductive Raja's Snake Dances that is now an integral part of a belly dancer's basic dance routine.
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  6. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    Join a guild, build a house, conquer a house, walk into an abandoned building and call it yours, ask a local criminal cabal, commission mages for a house to be built, be granted one by royal decree upon valorous service, etcetera.

    That being said, for my own world you pretty much just follow the same rules as our world, as it is in a way, our world.
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    I suddenly realize that I've become "that guy" who will go off on a tangent about the finer points of Antisan property law if allowed. Please send help.
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    With 50 prompts down, we have reached the end of this thread. In these past days I've read through a ton of your interesting worldbuilding, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of engagement we have had on this thread. Well done to everyone who has commented!

    You are all still encouraged to answer any question posted on this thread, at any point in time. For convenience, I have also collected all 50 prompts into one file, which can be downloaded on the first page of this thread: The "Daily" Worldbuilding Prompt

    Don't worry, this is not the end of the Daily Worldbuilding Prompt. Tomorrow we will continue with a fresh start on the Daily Worldbuilding Prompt Chapter 2, which can be found here: The "Daily" Worldbuilding Prompt. Chapter 2

    I hope you had some fun, learned some new things about your world, and will join me on the next chapter
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    Question 51 is now up on the new thread.
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    The dirt is dirt coloured, except for up by the northern end of the mountain range, where the dirt gets ashy and eventually gives way to a black-sand desert.

    The closer you are to the mountains, the quicker the dirt gives way to stone. The place where the dirt is thickest is under the elves' forest, at about 3-5 meters thick.

    On the western side of the mountains, the critters are about the same as on Earth, though there is also a thing called a decapede(think centipede but less leg). On the eastern side, I'm not too sure yet, but it will probably be the same as the western side.
  11. Miles Lacey

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    Question 11: I want to travel from one edge of the known world, to the other. How do I go about this, and is it possible?

    Over oceans etc ships are the cheapest form of travel by far. Aircraft are expensive and are only used by people who need to get somewhere quickly. Airships are cheaper but a lot slower (136 km/h on average as opposed to 333 km/h for a DC-3 like aircraft).

    On land trains are the most common form of transport for long distance and trams for short distances in urban areas and buses in rural areas. Cars are used mostly by the wealthy or bourgeoisie. Motorcycles, bicycles and rickshaws are also used. Horses and horse carts are not unusual in remoter areas.

    Road and rail networks vary considerably. In many poorer countries even main roads are little more than metal roads (i.e. dirt tracks with tightly packed stone chips on top) or tracks.

    The planet is circular and the layout of the land masses means the planet can be circumnavigated by sea but it can be slow.

    Question 12: Can you give me an example (or more) of differences in morality between people in our world and inhabitants of yours?

    Most people in my world are bisexual and there are three genders: male, female and transgender (those with both male and female genitalia). Thus, same sex relationships and intercourse carry no stigma nor are they taboo. Marriage is not regarded as a declaration of love but a declaration of wanting to have and raise children so same sex marriage is illegal. Because mages become sterile when they are gifted with the Spark (i.e. cast spells) they cannot marry.

    Couples, trios, quartets and even quintets are considered to be normal but couples and trios are the most common.

    The transition to adulthood ceremony that everyone has when they turn 16 marks the moment they become adults and therefore have sex. Most people lose their virginity on their 16th birthday as it is considered bad luck to have an adult virgin in the house.

    Children have the surnames of both their biological and non-biological parents in order of the age of the parents with the eldest biological parent's surname being used on a day to day basis. Sex with anyone with any of the same surnames as yourself is seen as incest, even if there is no possible biological connection.

    Question 15: What's the latest fashion and/or what type of clothing never goes out of style?

    In the Kharran Empire, which is mostly tropical, females favour light cotton clothing. Green, blue, red, white and yellow are the most popular colours. They prefer dresses, skirts and short sleeves shirts but more physically active females will wear shorts. Only men wear trousers except where employment requires women to wear them as well. Working class men wear denim because it's longer lasting and tougher.

    Silk and nylon are very expensive and only worn by the well off.
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    Question 13: Zoo's, Waterparks, Amusementparks. Do you have any equivalent? (Bonus: Can you give me an example?)

    What would be associated with amusement parks are part of circuses which travel from place to place. Because the Kharran Empire is a maritime state scattered across thousands of islands circuses use ships rather than trains to move around. They set themselves up on vacant land near ports. Circuses often offer dragon rides on tamed dragons and a few offer the ultimate thrill of riding a roc.

    Zoos are found mostly in cities. If it's possible to put them on display it's done.

    Waterparks are laughed at. With so many waterfalls, rivers, hot pools, lakes etc they are seen as unnecessary. In areas with dry seasons water is deemed to be too precious to waste in such places.

    Question 14: What's the biggest, most beloved celebration of the year? (Bonus: How do I celebrate?)

    Summer Solstace. It's not only a big party with a mardi gras-type parade but it also involves the exchange of gifts. In this world harem members dressed as nymphs hand out gifts to children. Traditionally they hand out toys, sweets and cakes.

    Question 16: Can you tell me about the itinerant folk of your world? (Bonus: Why do they travel?)

    Itinerant folks are dubbed hobos if they travel in search of work. Much of it is driven by the economic depression which has forced people to travel in search of work. They are not to be confused with nomads who travel due to the requirements of livestock or agriculture.

    Hobos usually travel by tramp steamer or train and are hated by the authorities and often rounded up by the police.

    Question 17: It's late at night and I'm hungry, what food places are still open?

    Diners which are either stand alone or attached to railway stations are usually 24/7 operations. Rice is the staple good so whatever you order it will be served on rice unless you state otherwise. There are many different varieties of rice.

    Ports have pubs rather than diners.

    Question 18: Which arts are most appreciated in your world?

    In the Kharran Empire various sensual dances such as belly dancing, the fifli (similar to the tango) and the zanjibayl (similar to the paso dople).

    Painting postcards is also a highly regarded art form and often helps supplement incomes of people who are good at drawing, sketching and painting.

    Blues, jazz, swing and martial (classical) music are the most common music played but more traditional audiences like ballads and what the Americans would call country & western.

    Sculptures, particularly those which portray the gods and real people, are highly prized. Small statuettes the side of the Oscar awards of loved ones are often found in the homes of the better off.
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    Not including the deities, you'd find the names of all the Apostles up to about 500BH(before Hosper Paxet), though I'm sure if you snooped around in the palace of Saweip, the deity of wisdom, you could probably find the names of every Apostle ever.

    Other than the Apostles, notable people would be the rulers of the nations, life changing inventors, and the first person to safely make it across the mountain range and back(will need to come up with a name for them, probably)
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    There's a Universal spell which is able to enhance the sturdiness of something, for example a staff or a fist, enough that you can hit someone in the face with it without breaking it(especially useful for mages that are well trained in hand-to-hand combat), though to get better enhancements you'd need to specialise in enhancement magic.

    There's probably some kind of potion-making/alchemy magic, so you have that.

    There might be some kind of parasite or symbiote found at Inespell's Rage that can enhance your abilities Venom-style, but it's just as likely to be truly hostile, so best to leave them alone.

    Other than those, I can't think of anything at this moment.
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    Question 19: Can you tell me about your world's seven (or whatever number) wonders?

    1. The Statue of Ufrudit in the tiny micro-state of Widit. What makes it a wonder and a source of bewilderment & controversy is that it features a goddess when she was a teenager wearing an anime-style school uniform. Problem is that it was carved five thousand years ago when the materials to make such clothing did not exist.
    2. The Golden Lovers of the Dago Strait. Two statues - one on opposite sides of a narrow stretch of water - tower over three hundred metres high.
    3. The Gardens of Babushka. In the Confederation of Madrasa is the ancient city of Babushka. The Gardens there are considered the best in the world with just about every flower and tree known growing there. The fruit on the trees can be picked for a small few.
    4. The Pillars of Idira. Near the fishing village of Idira in the Grand Duchy of Ganghok are fourteen pillars made out a strange stone standing in a circle. Every fourteen years these pillars light up in a kaleidoscope of colours. It is said that whoever can stand in the middle of the circle when the pillars light up will be proclaimed the Prophet of the Gods.
    5. The Tree of the Masturbating Drunk. About fifty years ago a group of road construction workers near Al Mudi in the Kharran Empire stumbled across a tree that looked like a drunken man masturbating. When the tree ejaculates the liquid from it will grant the person the gift of eternal youth. The catch: the only known land nagas that guard it are pretty much impervious to mage magic and bullets.
    6. Moth's Peak in the Occidental Republic. Believed to be the mountain retreat of the gods when they walked among humanoids.
    7. The Silver River Waterfall. Separating the Republic of Go and the Earldom of Muscovy is the mysterious Silver River Waterfall. The water flows upwards in defiance of all laws of gravity. The Silver River is so toxic that even to touch the water will kill a person in seconds and the fish within the river are vile and poisonous. Although only 30 metres wide at its widest point with no border defences on either side no invading army has ever successfully crossed it.

    There's a few others.

    Question 20: What's the closest your world has been to wholesale destruction?

    A meteor crashed into what is now the Germanica Strait that separates the Normerica landmass from the Suderica landmass.

    Question 21: Can you give the lyrics for a song from your world?
    (Alternative if you have no lyrics written: Can you tell me about the meaning of one of your world's songs?)

    Omar Dear Omar is a song written by a female veteran of the Great War who is fed up with her husband (who is also a veteran) bragging about doing stuff he never did, justifying a war of aggression, blaming traitors at home when it was bad leadership and outdated weapons that cost them the war and using fallen comrades to justify his violence towards her and anyone else he disagrees with. It's a blues song.
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    Looking at the Duongel's city, bath houses and hot springs would be almost exclusively for non-Duongels, as a Duongel's feathers would probably necessitate a very particular washing method, which a bath just can't do. I probably will end up modelling a Duongel's wings off some kind of bird-of-prey, so until I find something that tells me otherwise, Duongels can't partake in the ultimate relaxation of a warm bath. Or swimming(another reason why Duongels don't see sailing as a viable method of transport).

    With public toilets, it's always either unisex or the female toilets is far bigger than the male, since all Duongels are female. I'm not sure yet on how the physical toilets themselves will differ, since they would have to accommodate for the Duongel's wings, but they would still function the same as toilets on Earth.

    As for sewage, there is a sewage system, but instead of being dumped somewhere, it's brought to an area where purification mages purify the water, with each batch being purified 3 times by different mages, then it goes into the ocean. Which is also where the water in the pipes comes from(it goes through the same process before being pumped out, don't worry).
  17. Miles Lacey

    Miles Lacey Inkling

    Question 22: How many people roam your world, and who do you count as 'people' ?

    There are 2.5 billion people in the world and those defined as humanoids (elves, humans and neanderthals) are defined as people.

    Question 23: Can you tell me a little something about your world's organized crime?

    Gangs are groups centered around a territory or personality and focus mostly on thuggery, thievery and scams to survive.

    Pirates are any criminals that prey on shipping whether the shipping is at sea or tied up at the wharves.

    Mobsters are basically like the Triads of Hong Kong. They are often based around powerful families, indulge in bribing corrupt officials and deal in more high end crimes like money laundering, bootlegging, smuggling, trafficking people and wildlife, drugs (especially opiates) and extortion rackets.

    Question 24: I look above, what do I see?
    (What colour is the sky, what do the clouds look like, how many moons, can I see the stars?)

    Skies are blue (or grey if raining), plenty of stars and two moons which appear in the sky together only once every twenty eight days. They're called Hira and Zuyus.
  18. Miles Lacey

    Miles Lacey Inkling

    Question 25: What are the boundaries of what is magically possible?

    The ability to cast powerful magic depends on the mage's physical fitness and health levels. This is the case whether they have staffs or not. A mage who reaches the level of Master is potentially capable of wiping out a fully equipped battalion but the reality is they couldn't do it out of fear of public reaction and the brutal Branch IX of the Ministry of Internal Security which gets upright about such abuse of power.

    Question 26:
    Disease shaped our world, so what role have plagues played in your world?

    Plagues brought about rapid improvements in living arrangements, housing design and the introduction of a sewerage disposal system in many places. There are strict rules about bodily functions to avoid causing disease outbreaks.

    Question 27: Can you give me some insults, specific to your world?

    "Tastes like dragon's piss." A compliment if used to describe spirits. An insult if used to describe any other beverage.
    "Go whore your sister!" - Means get lost and is used mostly by females receiving unwanted attention.
    "Shit Shoveller!" - Used to insult a person of inferior class or rank to oneself.
    "Gold Fucker!" - Used to insult a rich person, usually someone who got rich dishonestly.
    "Naga Num-Nums!" - A stupid or careless person. Nagas are large sea creatures with human torso, arms and head and sea serpent that can sink a ship at sea. Carelessness often contributes to naga attacks.
    "Nutcracker!" - A person (usually a woman) who will do anything underhanded to get ahead. Among Neanderthals it refers to a nagging woman.
    "Purse snatcher!" - An insult implying someone is in a relationship for financial gain.

    Question 28: What's the most valuable material in your world, and how is it used?

    People in the Kharran Empire wear a precious stone to ward off evil spirits. The more expensive the stone the higher a person's rank. The most precious stone (and material) is the Pink Diamond. It is worn by the Kharran Empire's Monarch as part of a necklace made of the purest gold. The pink diamond worn by the Monarch is believed to be the only pink diamond in existence and is worth more than the GDP of the Empire.

    Question 29: What will be served for a typical breakfast?

    Eggs from a bird of your choice served with red rice and steamed al-miraj (carnivore rabbits with a unicorn horn on their head washed down with black coffee with no milk or sugar.
  19. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    Question 31: From the christian cross to the nike icon, our world is filled with recognisable symbols. What are your world's most widespread symbols?

    The technocracy symbol (a yin yang symbol without the two internal dots) has made a strong resurgence, and is used most prominently by the international technocratic alliance AUREA. It has become a symbol for Eurasianists and government loyalists throughout the supercontinent.

    Stars have a dual and opposing symbology. On the one hand, they are included in the flags of the EUCPL, the URS, and federal China (collectively known as the three stars), and thus represents loyalty to these states, as well as its original intended meaning of representing the strive for innovation and progress. On the other hand, stars are used by American migrants as a symbol for the desire to return to their homeland. Finally, the star symbol is used by the Stars nation (a loose, but extensive gang collective) in opposition to their rivals, the Stripes nation, although the crown symbol is increasingly used by the former in the Dutch Stars gangs to symbolize their acceptance of European innitiates, something the Stripes staunchly refuse.

    Various corporations have recognizable icons, from the dead-smiley face of the soda brand Hottie Pop to the Paul Bunyan figure used by the Red-Blue Logger fastfood chain.

    Finally all of the various new religions and social movements have new icons as well, from the violet Angkor Wat temple on a golden flag used by the Euro-Khmer cult (who are only very loosely based on actual khmer culture, an unfortunate result of the khmermania of the 50s and 60s), to the usage of the neon-green pyramid of MENUSCA by pro-democracy groups in Eurasia.​

    Question 32: How much of a career can a writer have in your world?

    Regular writers can have as great a career as in our world, but the truly succesful writers in 2080 are creative software-engineers who have mastered the art of creating and selling literature generators.

    While people have given up on the idea of stories entirely generated by computers, as they led to dull stories no matter how complex the software was, a new industry has boomed in semi-randomized literature generators. These generators are plotted, edited and co-written by a human writer, while the software fills in the majority of the pages in countless ways in accordance to the script given by the writer. For each copy made of the book in question, the generator runs a unique sequence, and as a result each printed copy has a similar story as every other copy, but is formulated in a unique way exclusive to that specific copy. Whether this is just a fad remains to be seen.​

    Question 33: I am in search of work. Where could, would and should I apply?

    Manual labour has been made obsolete due to robotization, which has led to 20% of the EUCPL population being permanently unemployed, with higher numbers when we consider temporary unemployment (periods beneath two years in this case). Three-quarters of the permanently unemployed are elligible for welfare, whereas the other quarter has to rely on precarious labour such as delving through E-dumps for thrown-away technology, or running for a local criminal syndicate.

    If you have a good formal education, you will be able to find work in the EUCPL, though you may have to move to another country if you can’t afford to take the hyperloop everyday. Due to shortened travel times and a whole heap of other factors, the countries comprising the EUCPL have become largely specialized in the labout they offer. In France you will be able to find work if you have experience in the recreational industry or academia, whereas you will only have a chance of finding steady employ in Hungary if you are interested in working in the film industry, and all that goes into supporting it.​

    Question 34: I take a big shovel and start digging, what do I see? (Colour and substance of the ground. Worms, insects, other creatures, etcetera.)

    Rock and dead ground under most cities, though an EUCPL regulation has made it mandatory for sizable countries (anything larger than Luxembourg) to allocate 30% of its space to giving room for nature. Here you will find exactly what you’d expect a healthy ground to look like on our world.​

    Question 35: I'm reading through the history books. Which names am I sure to come across?

    Someone remind me to return to this question? I like it, but I have spent very little time on writing about major characters who aren’t criminals. A clear oversight on my part.

    For now, I will focus on two serial killers who have proven immensely important in the course of EUCPL history. First of all is Martin Degansy, a french-born serial killer and amateur nanotechnologist who operated in the 40s and dissolved his victims in a nanotechnological mixture he made himself. The substance he used was self-replicating and could be fitted in a vial small enough for him to hide in his socks. Degansy shocked the European populace enough that the death-penalty was reintroduced on a continental scale to prosecute international criminals (Degansy Statute of 2050). This in turn led to the eventual creation of the Central Court of Justice (as opposed to the European Court of Justice) in Luxembourg to prosecute international criminals and criminal syndicates.

    The other major nightmare fuel of this time period (excluding the SEC suicide-cults active during this time, a subject for another time), was the Swiss-born Serial killer “Kodiak Killer”, otherwise known as Emil Gurns, a cybernetically-enhanced cannibal who taunted local investigators with crudely written letters. The discovery of Gurns’ cabin in the Alps, and the haunting imagery thereof circulated by the European media, has turned European opinion irrevocably against all forms of cybernetic enhancement and bio-augmentations. ​

    Question 36: Is it possible to enhance your body through means other than hitting the gym and eating well? (bio-augmentations, cybernetic implants, magical enhancements, or…?)

    Bio-augmentations can be bought in the Chinese opportunity states, or any of the warzones, whereas cybernetic implants can be found in the Scottish freestates and Canada. In the EUCPL and the URS, opinion is heavily against both and providing these operation services is illegal, though possessing implants is not punishable (except by way of social exclusion). So-called Scottish milkmen (semi-legal representatives of Scottish companies) and Chinese Triads provide implants despite the ramifications.​

    Question 37: How is public sanitation taken care of? (Bathhouses, hot springs, sewage, public toilets, sewage disposal?)

    Same way as our world, though selective usage of nanotechnology makes disposal a lot easier and cleaner.​

    Question 38: Can you explain one of your world's sports to me?

    Slaughterfights are no-holds barred MMA matches between cybernetically enhanced and bio-augmented humans, held in the Chinese opportunity state of Tianjin. Most fights are called off before any serious injuries happen, and the medical experts on hand are some of the best (and best-payed) professionals in the world, but champion fights always end with the death of either the champion or the challenger. In the EUCPL, URS and the rest of China these fights are illegal, but they are streamed for high profits, local fighters go to Tianjin to participate and the competition even goes to the various warzones of the world to scout for promising new talent.​
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    Sloooowly catching up now.

    Question 39:
    Can you tell me about your world's boogie man?

    The real-life Boogie man of the month (or year) is a veteran from the warzones called Connecticut John, who has been linked to 10 gang-related assassinations in the Netherlands. Trouble is, video and audio evidence hasn’t been useful evidence for decades, since replication software for both is advanced enough to create perfect fakes of both in a matter of hours. John has been brought before court a number of times, but has been acquitted each time.

    On the fictional side, we have a whole heap of slashers who have been making a comeback since the late 60s. They have proven especially popular in the gaming industry, where they have transformed from fun mindless killers, to triple A stars in their own horror rpg’s. The Hangman of Almond Grove, the titular star of Almond Grove, has become a welcome new addition to the pop-culture villain roster. On the less serious side, the Bakebarian, a Barbarian Baker has also joined this rogue’s gallery.​

    Question 40: Can you describe the architectural styles of you world? (high/low, peaked/rounded, ornate/modest, open/closed etcetera)

    Plenty of architecture new and old to go around, but one popular one is Blockoco, a mixture of blocky designs and colorful Rococo-inspired aesthetics. They are easy to transport from place to place, and buildings in boom cities can often simply be stacked together with pre-made Blockoco houses.​

    Question 41: Can you give me a linguistic overview of your world? (Language families, broad distribution, intelligibility, lingua franca, trade language, etcetera.)

    Although most english-speaking countries have declined in global importance, with the 5 eyes having all fallen down the list, it would make sense that english would stop being the lingua france, but this is not the case. The EUCPL, Federal China, the North Sea Concord and the URS decided to create the international language institute, otherwise known as the Malta Bureau for its location, as a global authority on the english language. Consultancies can be found all over the world, but only the original creator countries have the power to change the development of new english.

    A number of pidgin languages exist in the tradehubs of the world, too many to name, and probably too fleeting to be remembered.​

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