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The Reedsy Book Editor: a new *free* formatting tool


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As co-founder of Reedsy, I wanted to introduce you all to our brand new Reedsy Book Editor, and seek your feedback on it (I know, risky…).

In a nutshell, it's an online, browser-based writing tool that allows authors to:
  • write, copy-paste, or import a document into the editor (import is coming in a month or two)
  • add images, scene breaks and end notes; move chapters around; set the front and back matter
  • export a clean ePub that can be turned into a flawless .mobi on Amazon afterwards
  • export a professionally typeset print-ready PDF file — choice between 2 templates, many more coming. We've worked with the Ingram Spark team to make sure all our PDF files are perfectly compliant with their requirements.

More about all this on the book editor's landing page. Please note that we need to update some of the images on the landing page, which don't reflect what our books look like. I'd love to have your thoughts, both on the idea, and on the actual tool if you get to test it.
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Looks like a well-thought-out tool (and generous). Curious to see how many people want to do writing and formatting online, however. (I can't see that for myself.)

Edit: I would grant that people who are collaborating would find it especially valuable.


Heh. I have been looking around your site and reading some background articles, and now I understand a bit more about why you have this tool. :) Brilliant. If you're bringing together authors, editors etc etc, it makes sense to develop a collaborative platform. Nice.


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I appreciate the effort and the sincerity. But I'm so heavily invested in Scrivener, an outside tool would be more burden than boon.