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The Writer's Guide to Weapons


David Morrell wrote the forward. He takes his research very seriously and is very selective on the projects he contributes to.

That is a good sign for me.


I googled a bunch of midieval weapons. I'm not even sure what they're throwing around half the time but the weapon looks cool if someone googles what I call it and the words sound cooler than sword, knife. My favorite. Montontae. It's fun to say and looks cool on google images

Codey Amprim

Article Team
We've a few articles here at MS, my friends. ; )
Just type in "weapons" in the article search, there's bound to be something of use to you there if you're looking.

That being said, I'm definitely going to check out that link.

One thing I've learned, you've got to be so damned careful when you talk about guns. Get the details absolutely right. There are so many fans out there who will pick you up on any mistake.

I was doing a scene in one book where the MC accidentally shoots himself in the butt with his gun while holstering it in a torn holster with a stone in it. I wanted to use a glock with a busted safety as the gun. Guess what - glocks have trigger guards not safeties. Had about a dozen people explain that to me at length when I floated the scene on kindleboards. Also glocks aren't FBI issue any more - Sigs are. I could go on. Glad I changed the scene!

Cheers, Greg.