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Things found in a library?


Myth Weaver
I am not sure Shreddies is coming back for this one.

I just use the library for its WIFI. Last time I was in, I noted...a large front desk to check out in, security device at the doors to make sure you weren't stealing, the place where everyone goes to vote, a lot of rooms and desks to setup your stuff in for study, an information desk on the second floor, a over night book drop off, a place to donate used clothes, computers instead of card catalogs, more people than I would have thought, a community bulletin board, public restrooms, and more than a few books.
Libraries answer questions. What knowledge does your character seek? Who resides in the library? Have u been granted access to the library?
Here is an example of a character for whose foray into a libraray provides more questions than any possible answers. below an example of my own foray into libraries.


Inside. A profound sense of serenity. The warmth enveloped her. The orangery, ideally providing the right environment, for a carefully maintained sub-tropical fruit garden. Between this and a glass screen lay a luxurious sprawling pond, which almost, but not quite completely straddled the gap. Within it, large koi carp lazily swam, amongst an abundance of pond weed. As Legia’s shadow marred the surface, they darted for cover with an agility that belied size beneath the lilly pads.
A white wrought iron chair, sat next to a similar table, overlooking the pond. On it sat a freshly infused cup of pale green tea. So fresh in fact that steam still rose in a whisper from its surface before dissipating in the sub-tropical enclosed atmosphere. Alongside, lay a closed tome,entitled “Amberian Architecture. VOL. I.”
Legia attempted to pick it up and peruse a random page. Its leaves could not be parted. Its cover and clasp firmly sealed. To open any book, a liberty yet to be granted. Not lingering Legia continued forwards. Growing against a trellis, planted at regular intervals an abundance of grapes. The vines twisted together, so that red white and black fruiting varieties, although not related, or in season, hung side by side interspersed. Running behind the trellis a curved glass screen, intersected by an arch.
The archway covered in a dense canopy of a white clambering rose, coaxing Legia to walk beneath its yellow and white blooms. The air heavenly scented with an aroma of summer sweet peas, intermingled with winter jasmine and an exquisite odour Legia couldn’t place.
A perfume like a musical chord that resonated within Legia’s soul. It sang to her, as the notes led and bound her. The first impression turned her head towards an entrance she felt compelled to walk through. The second chord tugged at her heart. Answers would be forthcoming regarding Reno. The base chord an echo of beautifully tangled destinies. All combined with a final essence, so subtly powerful that it brought out the dominance of all other chords without overpowering their individuality. Divinity, sat hidden somewhere within the perfume makers subtle obscurity in choices.
Stepping through, Legia glanced left and right. The planted rose acted as a clear boundary marker between the orangery and the inner chambers, held no such deference to its confines. Exuding natures indomitable characteristic, continuing unabated but in the dappled shade, gave way to ivy, which thrived in the half light. The ceiling had intriguing chandeliers which provided a living illumination. Suspended at regular intervals a cascade of concentric tiered dandelion heads, facing down, which had seeded. Somehow the pale white seed fronds defied logic and remained stuck fast. Each head attached to a coppery wire that formed the chandeliers round tiers. Tiny white explosions of delicate perfection, enhanced by fireflies who had taken residence in each seed head. As Legia walked beneath them, they flashed into life, as fragile living fireworks.
Legia saw shelves crammed with all manner of manuscripts. Rising from floor to ceiling, a vast collection of dusty volumes. Books in many languages written on topics ranging alphabetically from anatomy to zoology and everything in between! At some point in the past the ivy had gained a dominant foothold on this mad library of encyclopaedic interest. Ivy interwoven between everything, leaving no prisoner free of its clasp, be they leather bound with gilded corners or scraps of papyrus held between glass plates. It did not harm the knowledge held upon each shelf, but retained it, acting as a living link in this peculiar chained library.
Legia scanned the shelves, waiting for something to catch her eye. An opus entitled “Amberian Architecture Volume II” Legia remembered the book lying closed on the table by the pond, “Well this is a library after all!” Legia attempted to remove it. It would not be released by the ivies grasp. Legia tugged stubbornly but it remained held fast. Then unexpectedly it slid forward and gave way.
Just as victory was within grasp, the ivy, seemingly possessed by the living entity of nature, re-entangled, and pulled it firmly back into place. Maddeningly the book slipped between her fingertips. Straining with all her might proved fruitless. “How frustrating,” an assurance to hear a normal voice, even if her own! After all, virtually every word she’d uttered recently, had been incantations, that had tripped from her unaccustomed lips without true knowledge of their purpose.
It seemed a lifetime ago since her conversation with Evrin. Although mentally stimulating, this journey had become unbearably lonely.
In front of her another wall. Slightly curving, lined with manuscripts and ledgers. Stood against it, but proud of the fixture, almost indistinguishable from the background, a set of stairs led upwards. Cleverly camouflaged by an abundance of inter-knotted ivy, twining around the structure. An impossibility to discern the steps existence, when stood to their direct front.
Legia almost at the point of climbing, realised the steps did not sit flush against the book shelves curvature. The stairs poked out at an angle. Viewed from its face you could not ascertain whether any space existed behind them. Not willing to leave any area unexplored, Legia slid into the gap.


It depends what kind of library you are talking about. If you think about a modern library there are a lot of technical stuff you forgot to mention.