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Tips and Advice About Getting Book Reviews

Extremely useful posts, Michael. Thanks a lot. I'll have to apply your strategy to my upcoming novel and hope for the best. :rolleyes2:

I think the best thing to remember is it's a numbers game - the more you submit the better your chances at success. Don't get discouraged if just a few submissions don't yield results. I wish you great success!
Thanks so much for this great information. I released my first book only last week on kdp and have been getting anxious for reviews. I will follow your advice.
Thanks again
John McDonell author of
Orphans of Tarnalin
This is a very helpful thread; I wish I had found it sooner. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to post this, Michael, I will certainly try to put your advice to use in the coming weeks and months.


Hi, Michael, for some reason, I can't see the image you uploaded that showed an example of your wife's blogger campaign for you. I tried switching browser from Chrome to IE and still it didn't work. But otherwise, very handy tips.


Good, and long-lasting advice here, Michael. Six years down the line, and it's still really useful information. Hopefully I'll have something to put to market soon, and you can bet I'll be using ALL your suggestions trying to drum up some interest. Thanx