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Trying to design the book series

Demer Nkardaz

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Made renders of the five of six books of The «Nihonshimaguni» («Country of the Islands of the Rising Sun») series. Fully created by own in 2 variations - with info and with only pattern on face and back. Bookbinding based on traditional Chinese and Japanese bookbinding.
This series tells about Japan analogue in my fantasy world, every book is having own main theme.

You can use imgur gallery here



Stacks + size check:

1. «Samurai / Nihonshimaguni. Lorebook, Yamato 1»
First lorebook that contains main information to know - history of nation genesis; mythological stories, which led to becoming a nation; basic region map (contains local China, Korea and Vietnam too); map of biomes; map of nations; becoming of samurai class; stories about series of events and eras, personalities and more other basic info. On writing.

Translations of the text on face: 侍 - Samurai, 伊達政宗 Date Masamune (IRL historical person, Daimyō), 北国大名 Northern Daimyō or Daimyō of the Northern Provinces/Country.
Russian text translation:
"Bloom of the pink sakura,
Leaf fall of the red maple,
Death for my lord
The Greatest of the Gifts". - This is a dying poem of the Hatairo Takiyomi, a taiju (high-ranked samurai, general) of Tengoku («Country of Heaven»). Composed during Takiyomi's military camp was attacked by Kirikoku («Country of Mist») forces.
Bottom text - "Nihonshimaguni - History, geography, canon".

Translations of the russian text on back:
Nihonshimaguni, Country of the Islands of the Rising Sun
This material will tell you about a vast region in East Asia of the local planet of the fictional fantasy universe «SHAGOR REALMS», its aspects, geography, biomes, information about the peoples of the Rising Sun, a brief history of formation, especially the dominant people - the Yamato, separate stories about events and personalities, information about clans, heraldry, terminology, magic and other aspects of the culture of the inhabitants of Nihonshimaguni. Additionally, information is included on neighboring regions - Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and other states near the Japanese.
« Samurai / Nihonshimaguni »
Book of canons (Lorebook), Yamato I
Edition I
Universe SHAGOR REALMS / Ođđgalđ
2. «Shi / Nihonshimaguni. Lorebook, Ujibanashi 2» or «Clans / Nihonshimaguni. Lorebook, Clans' Tales 2»
Lorebook about history of the clans' and its personalities stories, stories about noble persons, clans' traditions, heraldry, specializations (samurai, aristocracy or other/combined) etc. Writing was started, but paused for writing first lorebook as foundation. Making of heraldry on process (92 clans now have family crests and banners-sashimono designs).

Translations of the text on face: 氏 - Clans, 出居田荒 烏義政 Deidara Ugimasa (fictional person, ~Daimyō or monarch of Guudo on Eastern Korea), 具独活国 Guudo-koku (kingdom), 大主魈 (mistake, should be 魈大主) "Mountain spirit great lord" (i.e. Mountain spirit great lord of the Guudo kingdom).
Russian text translation:
"Sand is crimson at the feet
Blazed by autumn leaf fall,
Appeasement of the rains
Shows the true path". - no background this time

Translations of the russian text on back:
Ujibanashi, Clans' Tales
Here you can learn the history of many clans from the Land of the Rising Sun islands and lands of the mainland conquered by the Yamato, the history of personalities, descriptions of clans, their heraldry, banners and traditions.
« Clans' Tales / Nihonshimaguni »
Book of canons (Lorebook), Ujibanashi Ii
Vol.I, Edition I
Universe SHAGOR REALMS / Ođđgalđ
3. «On'yōryō / Nihonshimaguni. Lorebook, Majutsu 3» or «On'yōryō / Nihonshimaguni. Lorebook, Magic techniques 3»
Lorebook about magic, magical traditions and paths.

Translations of the text on face: 魔術 - Magic techniques, 富岡虎間 - Tomioka Torama, 呪文教士 - Spells-teacher.
Russian text translation:
"The cliff's ancient spirit
Calls the peasants to him,
Sweet smell of his moss
What awakens souls".

Translations of the russian text on back:
Majutsu, Magic techniques
This book will tell you about aspects of magical culture in the lands of Nihonshimaguni. It describes both the most common, traditional ways of learning and using magic, "everyday forms of sorcery", as well as more rare and mysterious schools.
In addition, mythological motives and information about the bestiary are described here.
« On'yōryō / Nihonshimaguni »
Book of canons (Lorebook), Majutsu II
Edition I
Universe SHAGOR REALMS / Ođđgalđ
4. «Kotegami / Nihonshimaguni. Lorebook, Daijin nendai-ki 4» or «Old Letters / Nihonshimaguni. Lorebook, Greats' Chronicles 4»
Lorebook about the greatest persons of the Nihonshimaguni, and mainly about Emperor's dynasty, which descends from the gods, information about all emperors who lived.

Translations of the text on face: 帝 - Emperor, 大神様 - The venerable great god, 天川源 - The source of the heaven river.
Russian text translation:
"With divine greatness
The temple hall is filled,
This is the sacred Emperor
Descended from the vaults of heaven".

Translations of the russian text on back:
Daijin nendai-ki, Kotegami, Greats' Chronicles, Old Letters
The history of the imperial family in more detail, in-depth information about a number of prominent personalities of Nihonshimaguni and deities. In this book, you will learn about the great and unsuccessful deeds of the tenno, as well as a number of sacred traditions associated with them.
« Kotegami / Nihonshimaguni »
Book of canons (Lorebook), Daijin nendai-ki IV
Edition I
Universe SHAGOR REALMS / Ođđgalđ
5. «Ninshō kikigaki / Nihonshimaguni. Lorebook, Nindō 5» or «Writings about patient flute / Nihonshimaguni. Path of Shinobi 5»
Lorebook about profession of shinobi (ninjas), their techniques, clans etc. and stories about it.

Translations of the text on face: 忍 - Patience or shinobi, 忍法教義 - Doctrines of shinobi, 沈黙風道 - The path of silent wind.
Russian text translation:
"The bamboo leaves
Sharp as a sword blade,
They killings quickly
Like an archer's arrow".

Translations of the russian text on back:
Ninshō kikigaki, Writings about patient flute
The book tells about the profession of a mysterious killer, shinobi, his forerunners, traditions and skills. Here you can learn a number of stories associated with them, as well as more information about the shinobi clans.
« Ninshō kikigaki / Nihonshimaguni »
Book of canons (Lorebook), Nindō V
Edition I
Universe SHAGOR REALMS / Ođđgalđ