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weird fantasy things

A. E. Lowan

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Bubbly pies. If you know them, you've wanted one since you were nine. And if not... more pies for the rest of us!

(Yes, this is food. This is a writing forum. All conversations end up on food, eventually.)
In our own fantasy stories?

The Wolf Moon Feast - self explanatory really, but something significant happened on a Wolf Moon a long time ago in the place where it is now held.

In one of my books I had an MC trapped on the top of a cliff in mortal peril, probably needing to jump to his death. I had a dragon swoop down and save him. Yeah, I know - fairly hum drum, right? But in case everyone's forgotten - dragons don't have hands! Or saddles! So I had my dragon gobble him up, fly him to the ground and spit him out - covered in foul smelling drool!

Cheers, Greg