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West of the Warlock series


I have several series out there, but this is the most current. The 2nd book in the series will be coming out in the next couple of months, and much of the first volume is available to read for free online.

West of the Warlock

Publisher's Blurb:
After killing the half-elf that murdered his brother, the dwarf Boron Grimes finds himself an unwilling deputy in the Nevada town of Selwood. The warlock sheriff James Doliber has bigger issues to worry about than his surly new employee, as a mysterious warlock in black has stolen an item of immense power. Doliber seeks answers from the warlock guild, but receives only vague half truths, confirming his fears that something dangerous is amiss that could have cataclysmic repercussions for the entire planet.

Deputy Grimes has his own troubles, as the widow of a bandit he's recently gunned down comes calling. Joella is a proud and strong elven woman, but it's not clear what she has in store for the Deputy. What is clear is that he'll be coming along, whether he wants to or not.

With their only assistance coming from mysterious new allies, Doliber and Grimes must face down enemies both physical and mystical. Usually the Deputy’s Remington revolver and the Sheriff’s warlock abilities are enough to win any fight, but this time the outcome is unsure. Defeat means death and destruction, but against a foe that possesses unparalleled abilities, can there be any victory?

The 2nd book, "The Curse of Selwood" will be out shortly, while the 3rd book is under contract for early next year. A 4th book is currently in the works, as well.