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Why Do People Suddenly Hate Superheroes


Myth Weaver
Like or not*, Harry Potter is, I think, a good example of how to create a film franchise.
With each film Harry [et al] grew up and became different, slightly refreshed characters. And there was a strong creative vision behind it all.
On the other hand Fantastic Beasts is the opposite. You knew what you were getting and in the three films you just got more of the same and there wasn't the same strong vision [and will we ever get the last two of the planned series?].
* Actually I have a soft spot for the early HP films, but not so much for the last two [it should have been Neville!!!]


I think lot of people are just oversaturated with superheroes and big franchises dominating cinema.

Also, when I want to get into a franchise, I don't want to get in half-assed, and therefore want to know all there is to the franchise, more or less. With Marvel or DC it's like studying a new subject lol. Even if it's just the MCU franchise, because it's hard to enjoy one movie, if you don't know all the subtext and deeper implication for the franchise they are refering to.


Part of it I think is that the MCU was a unicorn. It turned out to be way more successful than the creators could have dreamt of before they started. They were lucky to get the right idea at the right time and execute it in exactly the right way. That's not something that can (easily) be replicated. Just look at the attempts by both DC and the Marvel stuff after Endgame to see that they're trying to do the same thing, but because reality changed it's not working as they hoped.

Another thing is that most of the stuff released just isn't very good. It has nothing to do with people being tired of superhero stuff.

This plays into the next bit, which is series fatigue. At some point, people stop caring about watching the next installment of police accademy. Part 5 or 6 in a series just doesn't generate as much hype with a general audience. Especially if what you release isn't good, and if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. This is slightly different with unicorns, which manage to grab an audience and leave them wanting more and more (see Harry Potter for instance). But those are the exceptions, not the rule.

So it's not so much people growing tired of superhero stuff, it's simply things returning to normal. The problem is that the film studios are lagging behind. They're still spending money like they're in the hype phase. And that disconnect creates problems.
There is a lot of truth to this as well.
Look at the Fast and Furious movies. Their box office numbers and hype grew and peaked at 7, and it has been going downhill since. It’s still doing well enough to keep making them, but for how long. (The jumped the shark for me after part 5, now they are basically spy/superhero movies).

John Wick is another series. I love this one, and it is still increasing it’s box office with each movie, but hopefully the series ends soon (at least John Wicks story) before it suffers a similar fate.