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Worldbuilding Magazine V2I3: Conflict Available Now

Discussion in 'Notice Board' started by adamcbassett, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. adamcbassett

    adamcbassett Scribe

    Hello, scribes!

    We are thrilled to share our tenth issue of Worldbuilding Magazine! Inside you will find articles with a focus on the types of conflict that may occur in your worlds, a topic many of our team were eager to work on. Inside you'll find a few interviews with novelist James Wolanyk, artist Thomas Muir, and worldbuilder u/Arcturox as well as several articles from the dedicated Worldbuilding Magazine team.

    Our next issue is themed “Creatures: Monstrous, Mundane, and More”. If you are interested in submitting a piece do not hesitate to contact us! We accept articles, short stories, art, and other types of worldbuilding content. We've also got a surprise coming in July, so make sure you subscribe!

    We’re recruiting artists, writers, editors, and any who wish to contribute. If you're interested in improving the magazine, please drop us a note at [email protected], or drop by our Discord server.


    The Worldbuilding Magazine Team

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