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Writing blog - weekly updated fantasy novel

Hi everyone,

I'm brand new at trying out creative writing in the fantasy genre, and I'm interested in getting thoughts, feedback, comments, and hatemail about my first fantasy novel. I am releasing this every week (specifically Sunday afternoons) with at least one chapter of about ten pages per installment. This way, assuming I maintain schedule, I should be at a 520-or-more computer page novel by the end of a year.

Look at Mr. Hopeful over here.

My website is here.

And the book's explanation (along with a menu of existing chapters) is here.

But that's not all! Because I really want to get into the writing industry, I'm also making (roughly weekly) audio installments of my work, for those of you who might have tired eyes. The first (explanation) video is here, with the first content video here.

My hope is to make the best possible book one, and if I think it is justified, either fire it off to a publisher, or else self-publish down the line. Future books will follow in a three-book cycle, if I'm happy with the results of the first volume.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy. You can comment on the page itself, or here, but the page is more likely to get my attention. ;)
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That's one heck of a site and plan to get your book out there. Little tip though, don't tell how long the story is going to be. All readers need to know is what it's about. :) Happy Writing.