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blog Your Bones Are Showing: Too Little Story, Too Many Problems


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Your Bones Are Showing: Too Little Story, Too Many Problems
by Kassan Warrad


The last season of Game of Thrones has given me much to consider. Don’t turn away. This isn’t a spoiler, or a defense or an attack on the series, but an analysis of a key component of stories and why it can tear your darling to the ground.

If story is a body then narrative is the flesh, characters are the organs, and theme is the mind, and so on. What keeps all of this up and in good form is the plot, the functional skeleton. There are only so many plots one can chose from, only so many skeletons, but authors turn out so many books you’d forget this fact.

Until the bones show.

When the narrative runs thin, when it is malnourished and weak, the bones will peak out. The reader will turn away, unsettled and disgruntled, as they are reminded the living thing they wanted is just a collection of pieces, lifeless. Some become angry and name the plots for the function they serve, all but forgetting the promise of the story so carelessly treated.

Readers want an upright, healthy story. They want to interact, give it their time, and in return breath in the life you so lovingly created.

Love is a difficult concept wrought with pain and tears. Yes, at the end, it’s worth the pain, but you’ll have to sacrifice something to earn love. As an author, you’ll have to earn the right to bring to life your story.

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