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Your Writing Personality


Fiery Keeper of the Hat
I stumbled over this while on Pinterest. It's like Myers-Briggs, but using four of your writing traits instead of personality ones. It looked fun.

I would say I'm EDHK.


Myth Weaver
I always find these a curiosity, but they don't have the test that goes with Myers-briggs. Maybe in time.

I self assess as ECBP, or ECBK (Expressive, Concise, Breezy, Patient/Kinetic). I am iffy on the last one. My story is kind of a fantasy/mystery, so K would fit better...but I did think P first. That's good for Scifi....

Maybe another question would be, do I write differently for different genres. Might I be more ECBP if I was writing a space story, and more ECBK if I was writing a mystery? How permanently ingrained are these traits?


Oh wait.... I change to SDBK :)
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Troglodytic Trouvère
Article Team
The only ones I am confident in are the first and last one, which I would define as expressive and patient respectively. The second and third ones I find difficult to decide, though if I must I'll opt for detailed and breezy. I create nuanced and expansive worlds but show them in a concise format. This would make me an EDBP.