Magical Creatures for Magical Worlds: The Minotaur

If ever you are stuck for ideas, look to Greece. In the ancient myths and legends of Greece, there are intriguing prophecies, clever generals, jealous deities, inventive punishments – and frightening beasties. Herodotus is a favourite of mine for such tales, but there’s plenty to draw from. The plays of Euripides and Sophocles, or for … Read more

Should Christians Write Fantasy?

Is it wrong for Christians to write about magic, wizards and otherworldly beings? Surprisingly, some people believe so. Over a decade ago a fundamentalist church not far from my home made headlines by having a Harry Potter bonfire.  Christians from the surrounding area were invited to bring their Harry Potter books to a public burning.  … Read more

Is Imitation Integral to Fantasy?

As a twelve year old boy I resolved to write my first fantasy epic.  Through months of toil I hammered out a draft and set it aside. When I returned to it, I was surprised to discover just how unoriginal it was. The plot borrowed heavily from The Lord of the Rings, with strong shades … Read more

Fantasy Writing and the Spiritual Quest

Many fantasy writers experience our craft as being more than a hobby, or even a career choice.  For us, it is a calling. On my tenth birthday I received a precious gift: a hardback edition of The Hobbit, illustrated by Michael Hague.  This marked my first foray into fantasy literature, and it irrevocably touched my life. … Read more

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