Why Am I Still Writing?

This article is by Craig Robertson. If I write something and not many people read it, am I wasting my time?  This is an important question and I think most creators ask it, be they authors, musicians, dancers, or painters. I write speculative fiction – time travel, mythic figures, spoofs on genres – that type … Read more

Considering the Fantastical

This article is by Frank LaVoie. Don’t be mistaken.  Writing in the fantasy genre is not the same as working in other types of literature. They each have their complexities, and I’m sure you could argue for the inclusion of some of my points below in one kind of writing or another. But, the overall depth … Read more

Fusion Fantasy – Reaching Beyond Genre

This article is by Bets Davies. I always felt straight jacketed by fantasy’s strict genre expectations. Got a little too much romance or sex in your fantasy novel? Sacrilege. That is Romance. Wait. What if I am talking about two guys? Gay and Lesbian, then. All the way. Got frat boy zombies who want to … Read more

Why Harry Potter Rocked

This article is by Brian Wood. The Harry Potter era is over. The final movie has entered theaters and I, for one, am more than a little bit sad. I figured there was no better time to talk about the genius of JK Rowling and the Harry Potter series. I have never read a series … Read more

Dreaming about Dreamworld

This review is by Frank LaVoie. I was around since the inception of Dreamworld, Book 1 in Brian Wood’s The Chronicles of Trayvian James. I’d like to take some credit, but I can’t. I’d like to say that I gave him this idea, or offered an inspiration for that character, but I didn’t. What I … Read more

Is YA the Death of Epic Fantasy?

This article is by Frank LaVoie. For those of you not familiar with the YA moniker, it refers to the genre of Young Adult literature. In the realm of publishing, it is most often coupled with the word ‘fantasy’, thus denoting a fairly specific breed that has proven its popularity in the form of the Harry … Read more

5 Tips for Inspiration

This article is by Laura Jorgensen. What is the impetus that gets a writer writing? Why do people even start writing? And after they’ve decided to make that plunge, how do they keep coming up with new ideas? For me, I love stories. I studied English Literature in college so that I would be able … Read more

Balance – at Least 80% of the Time

This article is by Sean Keefer, author of The Trust. I’m really happy I can say my first book, The Trust, is done.  People can buy it and hopefully some are even reading it. So now it is on to book two. Well, at least when I can find time to write. There are authors … Read more

Dragon Age 2: The Rise to Power Review

This review is by Megan Kayne. The lights were dim. Chinese food had arrived. Friends had been told that unless there was an emergency of epic proportion to not bother calling me for the next week. Dragon Age 2: The Rise to Power had come out and I fully intended to dedicate my time to … Read more

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