5 Tips for Inspiration

This article is by Laura Jorgensen. What is the impetus that gets a writer writing? Why do people even start writing? And after they’ve decided to make that plunge, how do they keep coming up with new ideas? For me, I love stories. I studied English Literature in college so that I would be able … Read more

Balance – at Least 80% of the Time

This article is by Sean Keefer, author of The Trust. I’m really happy I can say my first book, The Trust, is done.  People can buy it and hopefully some are even reading it. So now it is on to book two. Well, at least when I can find time to write. There are authors … Read more

Dragon Age 2: The Rise to Power Review

This review is by Megan Kayne. The lights were dim. Chinese food had arrived. Friends had been told that unless there was an emergency of epic proportion to not bother calling me for the next week. Dragon Age 2: The Rise to Power had come out and I fully intended to dedicate my time to … Read more

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