Once Upon a Time and Pancakes

Science fiction and fantasy feed my mind and soul the way that pancakes feed my belly. And, I crave them just as much if not more. When something in these genres comes about that especially moves me (or, I believe will move me), I live tweet on Mythic Scribes about it. I knew Once Upon … Read more

Howl’s Moving Castle: A Review of Its Adaptations

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diane Wynne-Jones was one of the first fantasy books I read. I bought it at a book sale at school, and loved it right away. Since then, I have bought it a further two times, after previous versions got lost or were lent to someone and never returned. Because Howl’s Moving … Read more

True Blood: Is It More Than Erotic Vampires?

I’ve been at the helm of the Twitter account (@MythicScribes) every Sunday to live tweet about True Blood (using the hash tag #TrueBlood, along with the show-specific hash tag if HBO specifies one).  Generally speaking, I haven’t been very interested in erotic fantasy writing, movies or television.  When my wife tuned to HBO for the … Read more

Dreaming about Dreamworld

This review is by Frank LaVoie. I was around since the inception of Dreamworld, Book 1 in Brian Wood’s The Chronicles of Trayvian James. I’d like to take some credit, but I can’t. I’d like to say that I gave him this idea, or offered an inspiration for that character, but I didn’t. What I … Read more

Game of Thrones – The First 100 Pages

Since Mythic Scribes is going to be live tweeting during each episode of Game of Thrones, starting on April 17th at 9:00pm, I decided that I would read the book.  At first, it was slow going.  In fact, I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t keep my interest.  After all, how can I tweet … Read more

Dragon Age 2: The Rise to Power Review

This review is by Megan Kayne. The lights were dim. Chinese food had arrived. Friends had been told that unless there was an emergency of epic proportion to not bother calling me for the next week. Dragon Age 2: The Rise to Power had come out and I fully intended to dedicate my time to … Read more

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