Game of Thrones: An Unfair Maligning

The Internet Hath Spoken Among the many things that I’ll miss about Game of Thrones are the memes.  They were often funny and insightful, even when I didn’t agree with their point of view.  When the last season came to a close, the memes pretty consistently expressed disappointment.  Honestly, this was to be expected, as … Read more

Fantasy Gaming: A Plea for the Next-Gen

With the release of the next generation of gaming consoles, namely the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, gamers of all types are amped to get their hands on a controller. With the new capabilities of these fresh consoles, gamers can set their expectations high and have them answered. But what I’m really excited for … Read more

In Defense of Peter Jackson

Since the announcement that The Hobbit will be a trilogy, the Internet has been abuzz.  The Tolkien fan base has been divided into two camps: those who are elated at the news, and those who believe that it’s a terrible idea. Those who are apprehensive of the films becoming a trilogy have raised some valid … Read more

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