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A Magical Heroine and her Sidekick

  1. Again, I may use these characters or I may not.

    Ophidia, the Red Witch
    Sandra Egillsen is a sable and a popular stage magician... to the world at large. In secret, she is a member of the Shreelander Fraternity, who are responsible for regulating supernatural events and the use of magic on Aurah. Her father Torvald is head of the mystical Order of Broagard and taught her her true magical talents. He was never comfortable with her helping Kay fight crime, but cannot deny the good she does.

    Ophidia's inseparable companion; a trickster sprite with an impish sense of humour, a kind of magical comedian. He is ultimately good and very useful for throwing the enemy into confusion. Yet sometimes he can turn his sense of humour on his companions and Ophidia can be forced to trap him in the ruby flask from which he can be summoned.


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