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The Tonsil Storm by Jan Conradie

  1. Portfolio Description

    This is a young adult novel about a troubled boy emerging from an escapist fantasy world to find himself in cricket, therapy and friendship against the very specific background of post-apartheid South Africa. It was rejected for publishing for, among others, the intentional lack of clarity about whether his related personas merging through portals between parallel universes are supposed to be real or imagined. Therefore I am working on solving that and, of course, on solving my initial wish to leave solutions to the imagination of the reader. I doubt whether I will place the whole book but I guess placing one chapter could do no harm and would reveal something about myself as elderly newbie. The current new name of this book is The Time-Lords (meaning I chose that the universes be real and that the boy is troubled because he landed in this reality after really living through those fantasy world, not imagining them.)

    About Author

    Jan Conradie
    I say nothing about myself except what is suggested by what I write. Internet personas are unverifiable and dangerous to put any faith in whatsoever. Here I am"Jan Conradie"for lack of a better name, or Godspeller Jan for purposes of introducing a protagonist I am busy with today. For being kind to a stranger, you deserve to get some insight into my psyche, so I decided to give something instead of nothing. What little I have in life, is not on the web but in a little house somewhere in reality.