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Season 2 of my other story, about a time-traveler in Saxon UK

By Jan Conradie · Jun 12, 2020 ·
  1. 5 August is the 1110th anniversary of the Battle of Wodensfield: My TimeTravel videos in Saxon UK (YouTube) reached Episode 60 (Recap,Season2); I will post the actual battle (Episode 75, Series 3) on 5 August to commemmorate; These are speed-reading videos containing brief text with photos or animation of the places, events, people and modern equipment in the story; Will Godspeller Ion succeed in upending the history of the modern world by interfering in the year 910 AD?

    About Author

    Jan Conradie
    I say nothing about myself except what is suggested by what I write. Internet personas are unverifiable and dangerous to put any faith in whatsoever. Here I am"Jan Conradie"for lack of a better name, or Godspeller Jan for purposes of introducing a protagonist I am busy with today. For being kind to a stranger, you deserve to get some insight into my psyche, so I decided to give something instead of nothing. What little I have in life, is not on the web but in a little house somewhere in reality.


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