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Chapter Eighteen: Welcome To The Jungle

Vibrant Jungles was the next stop for our traveling company, as Evelyn’s mind was set on speaking to the elephant like creatures known as Mulefas. After saying their farewells to Cersei, and the Taurans, Bredan shepherds his friends out of the marshes and directly into the massive foliage of a tropical jungle terrain. In every direction Damien could see vast numbers of different plant. Bromeliads, orchids, walking palms, Amazon water lilies in the great jungle pools, Bougainvilleas, Indian bamboo, Tualang tress, strangler figs, corpse flowers, pitcher plants, and many other plants. Hidden behind the plants were many creatures of the terrain, tree frogs attach themselves to the tree limbs, macaws, and toucans sit in the trees, blue morpho butterflies flutter in different directions, howler monkeys howl in the high trees as coatis, capybaras and anteaters roam the grounds.

“Do we know where we are going in this insect infested place?” Damien smacks his neck, killing a mosquito.

“The Mulefas live on the far east side of the jungle where they live in harmony. There they made a living where no beast dares to go.” Evelyn comments as she slashes through the foliage with a machete she pulled out of her satchel.

“But we have quite a ways to go before we reach their village.” Bredan comments. “We may run into something before we even get to them.”

“What kind of creatures live in here?” Marat asks as he follows from the rear.

“Well by what I have read there’s the Chipekwe , the songomby , the Markupo , the kongamato, the wakos , and the Elokos .”Evelyn replies.

“I never heard of any of those.” Damien comments as he swats away different winged insects that come near him.

“Many creatures are not real well known unless you read about them.” Xena states.

“Yes but I’m not too worry about most here really, just the Basilisk is what I really fear.” Evelyn quivers with a small shake. “I hate that creature.”

“I’ve heard of that creature. I can kill you by just a stare of its yellow eyes. But if you look at it indirectly you’re only petrified.” Damien comments.

“How do you know so much about a Basilisk?” Evelyn questions.

“Harry Potter taught me tons.” Damien giggles.
“Who’s that? Is he from here?” Xena asks Damien.

“No he’s a fictional character in a book.” Damien replies.

“I see. He’s a tall tale so to speak.” Xena smirks at Damien as she walks next to him.

“Yea, I know about a lot of creatures by reading J.K Rowling’s novels. I love her work.” Damien grins wide. “Phoenixes, Nifflers, Dementors, Demiguises, Erumpents. There’s just a lot of fantastic beasts out there.”

“Must be quite a researcher this Rowling character.” Bredan comments as he continues to slash with his short swords, leading the group forward. “I would not mind consulting with her some time.”

“Not sure I can arrange that. I don’t know her personally you know.” Damien giggles.

Hacking forward deeper into the jungle, Bredan stops his process and freezes still. Eyeing around Bredan’s elven senses perk up.

“What is it?” Evelyn asks.

Xena’s ears perk up a moment later, “I hear it too. It’s close whatever it is.”

“It won’t get far if it comes close.” Brute bellows. “It has no chance with us minotaur.”

As the shuffling gets closer, the more tense the travelers became as they grab a hold their hilts and handles of their weapons. The shuffling got smaller and smaller as it got closer and closer until out pops a unique creature no bigger than a dachshund, with velvety fur, woodpecker-like feet, and a spike-tipped tail that aids in its caterpillarish climbing. The creature kind of resembled a rodent, a weasel with a long body like a caterpillar or inchworm. It had large pointy ears like a rabbit, and a face of a ferret. It’s fur was a red squirrel color with a white face and underbelly. With a tilt of their heads, the travelers were confused.

“What is this thing?” Ming scurries up to it and tilts his head.

“Looks like you two are related.” Damien giggles.

“There’s no way this thing is related to me.” Ming comments. “It has feet of a bird.”

“That is a wapaloosie.” Evelyn giggles. “Nothing to be afraid about. Just a cute little critter.”

The wapaloosie hisses at the travelers and inch itself back under the foliage where it disappears from the group. Ming confused of what he saw scurries over to Evelyn and climbs up to sit on her left shoulder. With a shake of his head Damien follows behind Evelyn as they continue on.

“At least that creature wasn’t coming to harm us. He was kinda cute.” Xena giggles as she walks closely behind Damien.

“Do you ever stop yapping back there?” Evelyn huffs. “It’s getting a little annoying. You always have something to say.”

“What’s up her bum hole?” Xena asks Damien.

“I don’t know. She’s been this way ever since you joined us.” Damien comments.

“I think the young archer is jealous of the druid.” Marat chuckles.

“I heard that.” Evelyn glares back at the red furred Minotaur.

“Well she needs to get over it. Just because I saw your non-hanging sack and your little pecker, doesn’t mean I have affection for you.” Xena says to Damien. “You’re really not my type. Muggles are way to boring to me.”

With a hidden smirk, Evelyn grins with relief. “Ming I think I may actually have a real chance now.”

“What are you saying? You like Damien?” Ming asks.

“Well duh. He’s really cute after all.” Evelyn blushes a little. “But I don’t think he feels the same way.”

“Perhaps you should just ask him.” Ming suggests.

“Hell no! I can’t do that.” Evelyn blurts out.

“Can’t do what Evelyn?” Damien asks.

“Oh nothing. Ming and I were just talking about something irrelevant to our mission.” Evelyn replies. “Lets stay focus on that shall we.”

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