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Chapter Five: Gryphons and Citters

Blowing the ivory horn, a great gust of wind pushes the great throne room doors open. As the wind blows past Evelyn, a large creature as big as a great lion glides into the great throne hall. It lands before the young teen girl. The creature has the hind legs and mane of a male lion, the head, wings, and forelegs of a eagle and ears of a cat.

“A gryphon.” Evelyn softly speaks.

Bowing to Evelyn the creature answers, “Milady, I am Seamore. General to the gryphons of the Eastern Cliffs.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Seamore. I am…” she begins to introduce herself.

“Evelyn Scarlet, daughter of Joan of Arc, and pupil of Dorlius Greybeard.” Seamore interrupts. “I know who you are milady. Dorlius has informed me that you would heed the call sooner or later.”

“Has Dorlius told you why I have summoned you, Master Seamore?” Evelyn asks.

“He has told me to be your ride. That you have a great mission in which I must assist with.” Seamore states.

“Yes that is true. But he told you nothing else?” Evelyn questions.

“No. I need no explanation milady. I know Dorlius well. If he says your mission is important then it must be so. I only wish that you let me know what we are heading into as we arrive for where you guide me.” Seamore states with a small grin.

“I can do that, Master Seamore. That is a fair request.” Evelyn nods to the gryphon.
“And so where is our first destination?” Seamore asks as he squats down.

Evelyn approaches the gryphon and climbs onto his back. “We head to meet with the panther of the Whispering Woods.”

“Very good milady. I am sure Rumla will be exhilarated to meet you.” Seamore stands to his feet.

The gryphon turns back towards the throne doors, and pushed off the ground with a mighty thrust of his great wings. Flapping, Seamore lifts higher and higher, and exits the White Pearl through an arch window. Into the sky he goes, the gryphon soars with great speed and an ease spirit. Crossing over hill lands of the Midway Plains and straight to the broad forest of the Whispering Woods. Landing right outside the forest, Seamore squats down, permitting Evelyn to slide down off his back.

“I shall wait here milady. The woods are too tight for a gryphon to travel by foot. Rumla sits with in the great Ceiba tree in the center of the forest.” Seamore lies down on the grassland green grasses.

“Thank you Seamore. I will see you soon.” Evelyn nods, turning away from the gryphon and entering the great woodland.

As she walks through the brush, Evelyn hears a ruffle ahead of her. Pausing for a moment, she sees that the foliage ruffle got closer and closer until out pops a small feline. An ocelot that looks up at Evelyn with a tilted head.

“A girl? A girl enters our woods?” the ocelot questions out loud.

“I am Evelyn Scarlet, daughter of Joan Scarlet of the White Pearl. I have come to speak with Rumla, the great panther.” Evelyn replies to the carnivorous cat.

“And what dealings do you have with the Lady of Talking Beasts?” the ocelot calmly asks as it sits down.

“I have my own reasons to speak with Rumla. I do not wish to offend you Mr. Ocelot, but I believe my conversation with the great Lady Panther is my own, and not yours.” Evelyn politely tells the ocelot.

“Very well. I do not wish to barge into your reasons, it is simply my job to ask such questions. I shall escort you to her immediately.” The ocelot stands to his feet, gives a small nod of respect and turns to enter the foliage in which Evelyn follows behind.

Following close to the ocelot, Evelyn soon comes to a large open area where a waterhole sits with a large Cieba tree nearby. Around the tree and waterhole gathers many tyepes animals. Porcupines, tapirs , okapi , gazelle, a sloth bear, a python, wolves, hippos, elephants, bongos , an anteater, a tree kangaroo , a few macaws, a squirrel monkey, and sitting dead center of the tree were two black panthers.

“Master Ollie what have you brought to us?” the male panther with blue eyes asks with a calming voice.

“Master Bagheera, Lady Rumla, I bring you Evelyn Scarlet of Torman. She claims that she has business with you.” Ollie the ocelot gives a small bow.

“Very well, speak Evelyn Scarlet of Torman. What business do you have with the Talking Beasts of Whispering Wood?” Bagheera asks.

Rumla makes a hushing sound towards the male tiger, “Quiet my love, I have been expecting this youngling. She was once the apprentice to Dorlius Greybeard. He has told me that one day she would come to us.”

Evelyn looks over at the majestic panther with sparkling starry purple eyes, “Rumla, I have come to you as Dorlius has instructed me. He has told me that he has asked you to keep an eye on the upcoming heir to Granderhill. That you would know where to find the young king.”

“He has, and we have been keeping a close eye. The heir is not from this world but from another in which we animals can cross over willingly. The heir’s name is Damien, and he dwells with in a small town known as Martin, Illinois. Is it true that you have been assigned to bring him home? Are you the one who must convince him to come to Granderhill and take his place upon the throne?” Rumla purrs.

“Yes it is.” Evelyn responds with a nod. “Dorlius has instructed me from the grave. Written to me before his passing.” Evelyn lowers her head.

“Yes well, then we must see that it is done.” Rumla clears her throat. “Ming!”

Bustling in the branches, a small black footed ferret, hurries down the high branches and down to the ground beneath the tree. It looks up at Evelyn wiggling its nose and then turns around to look up at Rumla.

“Milady?” the ferret tilts its head. “You’ve called?”

“I have.” the panther purrs. “Have you not kept close eye on the new heir of Granderhill for me?”

“I have milady.” the ferret comments.

“Then you will be Ms. Starlet’s great advisor. A Conscience so to speak. You will guide her to the heir, as she must speak with him at once.” Rumla nods to the ferret.

“If that is what must be so, then I shall accompany her on the journey. But how do we crossover milady? You know she can not cross over like we do. He ancestors are from Granderhill, not of the land of non-talking beasts?” Ming asks.

“I have a way Master Ming. I am not useless my friend.” Evelyn speaks out.

Ming turns and looks up at the teen girl, “No offense milady, but it doesn’t seem like you possess such magic, to travel from one world to another.”

“I may not be a sorcerer or a witch Master Ming, but I do possess a potion made from the wizard Dorlius. He was given it to me to make the journey.” Evelyn states.

“And what about transportation? You do not tend to walk on just two feet all the way there and back?” Ming asks.

“I have a ride. A loyal servant and warrior to Torman.” Evelyn responds.

Ming sighs, “Very well. I will follow you milady. Lead me to your ride, as we must make haste and bring back our rightful king.”

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