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Chapter Thirty Three: A Flying Spy

High with in the trees above the tribal village of the Satyrs in Calia Verta, a large black crow with a ruffle around its neck and beady blood red eyes listen in on a conversation from the heroic company lead by Damien Foxx and Evelyn Scarlet. Tilting its head the crow took in all it could from the conversation, and with a mighty loud caw, the black winged creature lifts off the branch it iss perched on and takes flight towards the eastern side of Granderhill.

The small black bird flies with great speed, as it passes over the Sea of Legends, the Rolling Hills, the Marsh of Spooks and the city of Torman. It moves through the great canyon divider in which was the only large opening through a great wall boarder that separates Havenya and the Shadowlands, and passes through many of the lands with in the dark eastern lands. Finally it arrives with in the Noman’s Land, a land of nothing but death. Nothing grew there except for leafless black bark trees, and a river of dark mucky water. The land was covered in dirt and dried up grasses, with many hills, canyons, and a few mountains. The air of the land smelled like a mix rotten road kill and human corpses, as the steam of geysers bursts out at random. A large bridge made of pure ridged black rocks come into view which was the only land crossing from the Noman’s Land to the dark island Omnious Isle.Flying over the bridge and into Omnious Isle the crow swoops over a large swampland area.

The crow soon comes to a large canyon path which went uphill towards a large dark dry dirt mountain. Sitting with in was a large black castle with a dried up moat of nothingness flowing around it. Entering through a bared window the crow slows his flight and circles with in a very high ceiling dark throne room. Below sat a large throne made entirely of skulls, skeletons, and animal bones in which a dark hooded figure sat with in. The crow lands upon the hooded figures dark orb staff.

“Ahh my pet. What word have you brought me?” growls the hooded figure in a deep low voice.

“The boy is with in Granderhill. Greybeard’s pupil student is with him, traveling across Havenya. They visit with in the sanctions gathering up for their grand army sire.” the crow caws.

“I have feared this. We can not let this boy ruin the progress we have made over the hundred years of reign. I am not fully myself yet, we must delay the boy.” the hooded figure replies.

“But how master?” the crow asks.

“I do not know as of yet. Where are they now?” the hooded figure asks as he taps his fingers upon the throne armrest.

“Calia Verta, speaking with the satyrs.” the crow responds.

“Hmmm…yes, they are truly working on bring their precious White Council back together. Perhaps we too must gather the Dark Hoods to speak of what is to come.” the hooded figure states.

“But what about the boy sire?” the crow asks.

“Yes…the boy is a problem for sure. But I think we can stall him. Go to Kross, have him play a role in stalling the heir to the White Pearl. Have him snatch one who means dear to him, and make the boy come there.” the hooded figure commands the crow.

“Yes master. I shall send the message directly to Kross immediately.” the crow caws and takes off out of the throne room of the dark lord.

As soon as the crow has left the throne room the hooded figure stands to his feet, “Kalo! Get in here!”

The throne room double black doors open and a small greenish grey humanoid creature walks in. The creature was grotesque with large bat like ears, a long pointy nose, beady yellow eyes, and scrawny limbs.

“Yes master?” the goblin bows before his ruler.

“I have a job for you.” the hooded figure replies. “Go seek Druella, Madame Druell, Crux,Argon the Dark Elf and the rest of the Shadow Council. Deliver a message to have them meet for council. Tell them that I have personally order the command. We must strategize our next move.”

“Yes master. I will send my best scouts to deliver the messages.” Kalo the goblin nods and slowly backs away from the dark marble dais.

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