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Chapter Three: Awakening

It's 550 years past the attack on the White Pearl and the great city of Torman. The city is deserted, only stone statues scattered on the stone streets. Vines and moss overtakes the outer city walls, and the buildings with in. Deep underneath the White Pearl, in Dorlius' study, Evelyn laid upon the cot fast asleep in a deep slumber, as a blanket of gold covers over her like a magical force field of protection. The study is full of dust and vines. Nothing was touched for centuries.

Preserved well, Evelyn laid there unaged. Her beauty was just as it was before, with silk brown hair, a rosy completion upon her cheeks, and her lips a nice glossy pink. A sudden whoosh blows over Evelyn as the blanket of magic dissolves. The scroll in which laid on top of the force field rolls to the floor, Evelyn slowly opens her eyes, with several soft blinks following. Slowly she sits up and looks around the room.

Rearranging herself, Evelyn places her feet onto the stone floor, in which she kicks the rolled parchment. Looking down she spots the scroll rolled up and sealed by a gold ribbon. She bends over and picks it up. Unraveling the scroll, she sees that it was addressed to her by her old master. She begins to read;

Dear Evelyn,
If you are reading this it means that the time has come of the new heir to take his place upon the mantle in the great throne room of the White Pearl. Granderhill is in greater need of assistance more than ever. The Demon King's horde of shadowed creatures has been raging through the city, and has been spreading across the great kingdoms. Though the demonic leader has been released from his prison, I feel that his strength is not all there. It may not be too late to defeat him. Find Damien, bring him to Granderhill and convince him to take his rightful place upon the throne.

It has probably come to your attention of how you are to find the heir. I have sent word of the prophecy to a few loyal servants of Torman. Each one knows their duties in which to help you on your quest. Seek out Rumla the panther of the Whispering Woods. She will help you locate Damien's whereabouts. I am sure she and her loyal animals have been searching far and wide for the young king. You also must seek transportation, as I believe you must travel a great distance to get to young Damien. Use the Ivory Horn hanging on the wall in my study. It will call for aid from the gryphons of the Eastern Cliffs. General Seamore will probably be the one who will heed the call. He is a great servant and loyal warrior to the White Pearl. You can trust him. There is a vile of green potion upon my desk in which I have left for you. Use it Evelyn after you have spoken with Rumla, and seek out Seamore. The potion will take you near to where Damien may be. It will open up a portal, so that you can gain ground and get closer to the young king.

Lastly my dear apprentice, your tasks do not end with convincing the king to take the throne. You must travel the lands of Granderhill and seek out each sanction, each leader of each kingdom. You must find a way to reunite everyone. You must find a way to convince them that the treaty must stay true. Once you have done this my dear you will then join Damien's side as his advisor. Guide the boy, help him make right decisions. It is a great importance that Damien Foxx rules the land well, and leads his great army to victory against the Demon King and his shadowlings. I have great faith you my dear Evelyn, and I wish you all the luck.

Your master and friend

Dorlius Greybeard

Standing to her feet, Evelyn walks over to the desk where she finds a dragon scaled satchel. A small parchment note sits on top of it. It reads:


This satchel I give you. It has magical properties in which can conjure up anything you need as long as it is with in the walls of this castle. Though items may pass through it willingly, no one can enter the bag and transfer to safety to the Pearl. The satchel is a great investment for your journey. Collect what you need from my study. Anything you find it is yours to use.


Evelyn picks up the satchel and drapes it over her shoulder. She then gathers up the vial on the desk, the Ivory Horn, other potions from the large shelf behind the desk, a dagger and a compass. She then equips herself with her quiver, bow, and her Spatha lite sword, in which the blade is sheathed on her belt. With all she could think of taking with her, Evelyn heads to the wood door where she exits into the large gloomy and distressed castle dungeon.

Walking down the cell aisle of the dungeon, Evelyn's eyes fixes on a single image standing in the center of the hall. Walking up close she notices exactly what it is, her old master Dorlius, the great wizard and advisor to King Aldimus. The old man stoond as a stone statue with an emotion of fear and panic.

"Master, no. This is what has come of you?" Evelyn tears up as single teardrops run down her face. "Who did this to you? A forever slumber unable to move on. Death would have sufficed much better. This is an agonizing display of torture."

Sad by the sight of her master as a stone statue, she hugs Dorlius, and slowly walks up out of the castle dungeon, where she walks down the great halls. Looking around she knew that the kobolds and brownies were no longer there and hadn't been there for a long duration of time. The furniture and floors are full of dust and dirt, nothing seems to grow like it did before the enchantment she was placed under. Vines and moss grows upon the walls, window seals, and the large marble stone pillars. The red carpets are dirty as dust puffed up when Evelyn steps on it.

Climbing the staircase to the third floor, the young teen approaches her quarters.It appears that it is not the way as she had left it long ago. The door is pulled from it's hinges, furniture, novelties, and clothes tossed all over the living quarters as if it was rummaged through by bandits. Looking around the area, Evelyn finds a few items which she could use on her journey. Rope in which was made by the Glittering Elves, a spyglass given to her from her best friend Jillian, and her mother's medallion which was a gift from the Satyrs to her mother.

After gathering a few items, Evelyn leaves the sad looking abode and scampers to the royal gardens in which wasn't kept up like it once was. The fairies, nymphs, and gardeners were no longer present to care for the garden, so plants have overtaken the beds, pots, and trees of the magnificent terrace. There she collects multitudes of different fruits and vegetables which still grow in the gardens. Peaches, apples, nuts, grapes, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, and other herbs.

Once gathering the food and placing them into her magical satchel Evelyn takes out the ivory horn in which is draped over her chest. She blows on it.

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