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Chapter Twelve: The Labyrinth

Damien sighs as he stands to his feet. As Damien stretches out his arms Evelyn hands him his sword, in which he straps back to his hips. Moving forward through the forest, Damien follows Bredan, Razlyn and Evelyn as Ming sits up on his left shoulder chit chatting about who knows what. The morning seems to go by smoothly with no obstacles, only a peaceful hike through the forest as birds chirp, squirrels chase one another, and little rabbits hopping about the forest grounds.

“So where is this sanction of minotaur? Are they much farther?” Damien asks.

“They live on the other side of the labyrinth with in a small village.” Bredan comments.

“Labyrinth? Like David Bowie’s Labyrinth or Maze Runner like Labyrinth?” Damien questions. “Cause you know there is quite a difference.”

“Evelyn what is he prattling about?” Bredan asks.

“I don’t have the slightest clue.” Evelyn sighs. “I don’t speak Earthling.”

“What is that suppose to mean?” Damien scowls.

“It means that we don’t understand your comments. We’re not from your world, so your puns don’t make any sense to us.” Evelyn scowls back.

“Sorry, it’s just the way that I talk. I use movie references a lot to express what I say.” Damien huffs as he crosses his arms walking next to Evelyn.

“What is a movie?” Razlyn asks.

“Something from his world. Moving images of people expressing events and emotions.” Ming comments.

“Sounds like something interesting to experience someday.” Razlyn gives a smirk as she looks back at Damien. “Perhaps one day you can introduce us to this movie.”

“I think you’d all like movies. They are pretty cool.” Damien gives a smirk over at Evelyn and sticks his tongue out at her.

“Oh grow up.” Evelyn huffs. “I can’t believe I thought you could be our next king. Maybe Master Dorlius was wrong about you.”

“I been thinking that since I met you.” Damien rolls his eyes. “This whole being king at twelve is crazy. And this whole mission is going to get us killed.”

Frustrated Bredan stops and turns looking at the two youngsters arguing, “Will the two of you quit disputing. You are giving me a headache.”

“Bredan is right. Fighting over nothing is not going to solve anything.” Razlyn agrees.

“I apologize. Just really stressed. Not sure what to say to the minotaur when I confront them.” Evelyn sighs. “And Damien I am sorry I’m being a total ass, I don’t mean it. And Master Dorlius wouldn’t have me go on a wild goose chase if it wasn’t important.”

“And I am sorry that I said that this was a waste and that I wasn’t meant to be here. After all I have seen I truly believe that Granderhill need help, and that for some odd reason I am meant to help this world.” Damien lowers his head.

Pursuing forward with understanding and with many apologies, the travelers arrive at the threshold of a large robust evergreen hedge labyrinth in which reminds Damien nothing more then the horrifying maze in which young Sarah had to proceed through to find her lost stolen brother in the grand rock musical movie. Thinking to himself “Is this going to be a nightmarish obstacle in which I could get lost in?”, Damien takes a deep breath as he looks at the tall hedge walls before him.

“The great Forgetful Labyrinth.” Evelyn awes over. “I’ve heard of this place. Many have never made it out. And it is said that those who have went insane or was deeply infected by the experience.”

“And we’re going in there?” Damien questions. “Isn’t there another way to the minotaur village?”

“There are many ways, but it will take twice as long if not longer to get to the village.” Bredan states.

“What about flying? Couldn’t we just ride on Razlyn to the village?” Damien looks over at the elven dragon woman.

“An enchantment sits upon this valley. No creature without permission can fly over the great maze. No one can truly pass through the valley undetected and without consequences.” Razlyn comments. “I know of this because my uncle once tried to pass over the valley. He was terribly scorched and burnt, making him turn away quickly.”

“Perhaps we can go visit a different sanction. Find more friends to help us through the maze?” Damien suggests.

“No we are already here. What are you afraid of Damien?” Evelyn asks staring straight into the preteen’s eyes.

“Well getting lost for one. And for another who knows what creatures are in there. It could have many goblins or horrific creatures that could rip us apart.” Damien replies.

“That’s all might happen, but I for one will not stray away from the mission. And if I know Bredan and Razlyn they won’t either.” Evelyn tells Damien. “And if we stick together we will succeed. I know it in my soul that the labyrinth will not defeat us this day. We will overcome this obstacle because me must for the greater of Granderhill and all who live here.”

“Evelyn is correct on the notion. We will not abandon the mission that we have joined. We will see it through no matter how difficult it gets.” Razlyn smiles. “We will protect you both no matter what creature comes our way. We have both pledge to this.”

Damien breaths in and exhales, “Alright, fine. Let’s do this then.”

Pacing forward slowly, the travelers enter the foyer of the great labyrinth. A sudden gust of wind blows past them revealing both ways to the left and right. Paths of dirt leads on and on as if it never ended. With a quick decision, Bredan turns towards the right and begins ascending down the hedge maze pathway with the others following closely behind.

As they walk for a some amount of time, the hedge walls soon turn into dark linier stone walls in which seems to go on forever and ever. The walls have many cracks in different areas, as well as have foliage of vines and moss growing through the cracks, and across the dirt pathway. As they continue to walk the long dirt pathway, the travelers search for any way to turn.

”This is impossible. There are no turns, no corners.” Evelyn sighs. “It just goes on.”

“Perhaps we turned down the wrong path.” Razlyn comment. “Maybe we should turn around and try the other way.”

Pausing for a short moment Bredan thinks to himself as he looks at the dirt pathway. “There has to be a way. I know this is the right way.”

“Maybe like the movie the different pathways are hidden from the naked eye. Maybe there are ways to go and we just don’t see it.” Damien suggests.

“Damien may be on to something there. I’ve heard of hidden paths that no one could see.” Evelyn adds with a smile. “We just got to really pay attention. See if we can spot the pathways.”

Making the consideration that there are pathways hidden in the walls, the travelers begin their search more carefully as they continued down the long pathway. Not even a few steps forward Damien feels a cold breeze coming from the left wall. The youngster walks over to where the breeze was moving and a sudden pathway appears before his eyes as he steps through the hidden opening in the large dark stone wall.

“Hey guys check this out!” Damien calls out.

The others smile as they finally see the opening and walks through to the next long hall.

“Great work Damien.” Evelyn pats him hard on the back as she walks pass him.

Damien grunts, “Thanks.”

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