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Chapter Twenty Five: Off Track

Within Timberwood Forest the woodland elf Bredan Silverleaf and his dragon lover Razlyn are surrounded by a massive horde of flying mandrills. In her Western Dragon form, Razlyn roars as she takes deep breathes of fire and skewered the wings of the aggressive primates. The mad winged apes swoops in and out around the massive scarlet scaled lizard as her counterpart Bredan moves with swiftness and quickness as he fires arrow after arrow, and slash the blades of his sword against the primate’s skins as they swoop in close. Soon enough the mandrills begin to scatter and disappear, as their numbers lessened.

“They are moving on my love.” Razlyn telepathically says to Bredan.

“About time. We need to find Damien and the others. I am sure they are worried about us.” Bredan climbs up onto Razlyn’s back. “I think if we take to the sky we will be able to better detect their location.”

“Yes my love, I believe you may be right.” Razlyn agreed as she roars, and lifts up into the air pushing her mighty wings in a downward position with great force.

Razlyn lifts higher and high, until she cleared the tree tops of the forest, and up into the clear blue sky. Tumbling and swerving in the air, Razlyn feels free from a closed area in which she felt most uncomfortable with. Bredan stands steadily upon Razlyn’s head as he uses his elven vision to look about the lands from a great height.

“I don’t see them anywhere.” Bredan comments.

“Me either. I don’t think we will be able to spot them in the sky my dear. They could still be traveling in hiding due to the flying monkeys. Cover is a smart tactic when it comes from being attacked by winged creatures.” Razlyn replies.

“I agree. Perhaps we should land and see if we can find someone who may be able to assist us.” Bredan suggests.

Circling, Razlyn begins to lower her self from the blue sky, and lands softly with in a grassy meadow of wheat grass. Once Bredan slides down from the dragon’s back, Razlyn morphs down into her human form. She turns into a five foot ten inch tall elven woman with spike chopped flaming red, orange and yellow hair, pointy ears, green eyes and a athletically gymnast build. She wears a gold red vest jacket with gold trim, black leather pants, black boots, and a dragon medallion around her neck. She wields a elven sword on her belt. She walks over to Bredan and looks out over the plains.

“So where do we go from here?” Razlyn asks.

“I guess the best thing to do now is just follow that bridle path there.” Bredan points out the dirt road just before them heading south west to north east. “I am sure we will find a town of muggles along the way.”

Bredan and Razlyn follows down the path heading south west, hoping to either run into Damien and the others or a village who may have seen them. As they move at a steady pace, the two star cross lovers finds an unusual town. The buildings are the size of a playhouse and doll house like size. The playhouse size building seem to be buildings of importance like the town hall, courthouse, and a museum, or shopping markets in which business followed through. The doll size housing was residential houses. Every house and building was made of china material called porcelain. A sign hung over the town hall reading: Welcome to China Town. As the two lovers enter the real tiny town, they find themselves standing in what seemed to be a ghost town. No one seemed to be around. It seem to Bredan that whoever lived there fled in a hurry.

“I don’t think we’ll find help here, Bredan. It seems deserted.” Razlyn comments.

“I think you may be right Red, I don’t see anyone who could assist us.” Bredan says as he looks around. Then he sees a shadow figure hiding behind one of the small doll size houses. “Look there. Someone is over there.”

Bredan approaches the doll house size cottage, and a small porcelain man standing no higher then Bredan’s boot, hides behind the side of the house. The doll man is pained with a pink Caucasian skin tone, with bright yellow hair and blue eyes. He wore a blue hat with a rim and a black belt around it, brown trousers, white collar shirt, brown boots, and a red vest.

“Well, hello down there.” Bredan says with a kind tone. “Can you help us?”

“Who are you people? Have you come to destroy us?” the china man asks.

“Destroy you? No.” Bredan confused stares at the small man, “What happened? Where is everyone?”

“My people have fled China Town due to the attack. A horde of nasty Bogles came through here and started killing many, smashing friends and family. It was a terrible thing.” the china man expressed. “I was for sure you have come to finish the job, destroy our homes, and kill off the rest of us.”

“Well you can rest my little friend; we are not here to harm you. Just looking for some companions of ours.” Razlyn smiles down at the China man.

“Well, no one has come through here except those terrible bogles.” the china man comments. “I’m Bradley by the way.”

“Well it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Bradley. I am Razlyn and this is Bredan.” Razlyn makes introductions.

“Well, Bradley you wouldn’t have a place for us tall folks to stay for the evening would you? We have had a hectic and chaotic day traveling and fighting off flying monkeys.” Bredan asks.

“Unfortunately our housing isn’t accessible to normal folks like you. But our neighbors maybe able to lodge you in somewhere.” Bradley comments. “I can take you to them if you would like.”

“That would be very help full my little friend.” Bredan nods with a grin.

“Then come with me. I will take you to the Quillians.” Bradley gestures a wave to follow as he begins to walk into the shrub forest.

The China man leads Bredan and Razlyn into the calming forest where they soon came across a small little village of houses made with in the trunks of redwood trees. Looking upon each house, it looks as if there wasn’t really any room to live in them. They had cut out windows, and a large door each painted a different color, which brick steps lead up to. Small gardens grows by a few of them, while others have small shacks where woodworkers and masons work on their projects, or a stone stove where bread and food would bake. The two lovers also recognize the people. Stout short humanoids no taller than four feet tall covered in long porcupine quills. They have a human body and face, with ears of a porcupine, brown eyes, and often are hunched over as if they have a heavy load on their backs. Their clawed hands are of a porcupine, and they have large flat feet with black claws, and a porcupine tail that drags the ground. Each one seem to dress like common farmers, woodcutters, or simple peseants trying to live an honest life.

On his small legs, Bradley walks over to one of the Quillian men, who wore a pair of glasses on his face, brown trousers with green suspenders. The Quillian sits in his rocker on the log porch that he made around his redwood trunk tree-house. There the humanoid was looking out at the town enjoying his day.

“Evening Randolph!” Bradley waves at the Quillian.

“What do you want Bradley? You know I do not like to be disturbed.” the Quillen comments with a grouchy tone in his voice.

“Don’t be such a Grouch, Randolph. I have brought you guests.” Bradley replies.

“Guests? I don’t remember asking for guests.” Randolph glares down at the China man. “What business do they have with me?”

“Now stop that Randolph. These nice fellows needs a place to lay their heads for an evening. I would have put them up in my place, but there was no way they would have fit.” Bradley tells the Quillian. “I was hoping you would have room in your spare room for them.”

“I’ve had some unusual guest before, but never an elf and dragon together. I guess they can stay for one night. Just one though. No more.” Randolph sternly tells Bradley.

Bradley looks up at Bredan and Razlyn, “Randolph here will accommodate you. You’re in good hands with him.”

“Much thanks for the assistance Bradley. We will not forget you.” Bredan nods with a smirk. “We will surely tell the king of Torman about your situation. I am sure he will be able to help restore things at China Town.”

“We China folk would be much appreciated of any help we can get.” Bradley nods, tilting his porcelain hat and walks away.

The quillian Randolph slowly stood to his feet out of his rocker, “Well come on. I guess I’ll show you to where you are stayin’.”

Bredan and Razlyn walks up the stone stairs, and follows the Quillian into his home. As they enter they find that it was much larger than they thought it was. There was some sort of magic going on in there, as they knew that the size inside did not match the outside one bit. Inside a full lounge area stands with a large fireplace with a blazing fire under the mantle. Around the fireplace, a small love seat, and two armchairs sits. A small kitchen stands to the side, and a spiraling wood staircase in the center of the room. Looking around, Razlyn spots a map over the fireplace of Star Haven , and a small hand carved clock sitting upon the mantle.

“Star Haven. Visited only once in my life time.” Razlyn comments.

“It will be forever my home.” Randolph states. “The kingdom of starlight it is called. The most miraculous land I have ever gazed my eyes upon. Too much darkness flows with in Havenya. I prefer my time there.”

“What brought you here then?” Bredan asks.

“I was forced to leave my home, as did the other Quillians here.” Randolph sighs. “We were sold into slavery by the Lady Constilla. Evil woman. The Slave Trader there sold us to a band of pirates who treated us like mud that was stuck on the bottom of a boot. But thankfully we were rescued by the Captain of the Mary Jane, and was given a new start here.”

“That’s awful. Do you ever plan to return home?” Razlyn asks.

“Someday I will. But for now it is peaceful here. Not many venture over into our territory.” Randolph gives a small grin, “But I fear it won’t be long till we will be forced to leave by the shadow’s horde.”

Randolph leads the two up the winding stair case where a small hallway form. There were two doors. One on the right wall and one on the left. On the walls themselves hung maps of the other kingdoms, this included the maps to all the surrounding islands, the Shadowlands , Arcadia, Liberty Harbor , Wadeland , The Sea of Legends , Dumaut , Tomoss , Navalore, Anubia , Dakodia , Cosmos Island , The Bermuda Isles , Misfit Haven , Pirate Cove , Fading Valley , Scalenovia and even Havenya. The Quillian escorts Bredan and Razlyn to the left door where he opens it revealing a small spare bedroom. The room was tiny, and the bed was none other than a nest of twigs, leaves, grasses and dry dirt. A quilt lays upon it of many colors, and images of what seem to be a story telling of Quillian ancestors.

“Here’s you room. It’s not much, but it is all I have.” Randolph comments. “The kitchen is down stairs. Help yourselves there. I don’t often cook, so don’t expect me to tonight. You’re on your own in finding something to eat. I will leave you two to settle in. “

Randolph turns away and walks back down the hall, and down the stairs leaving the elf and dragon in the spare room. Razlyn walks over to a wooden chair that was leaned against the wall and sat down.

“So how do you suppose we locate Damien and the others? They can’t have gone too far.” Razlyn asks.

“I am not entirely sure yet. It seems that they did not come this way. We may have to turn around and head towards the Sea of Legends.” Bredan sighs as he leans against the archway to the room.

“I may have a better solution.” Razlyn comments.

“What would that be?” Bredan asks with a yawn.

“I may have a friend in these areas that may be able to help us locate them. Do you remember me telling you about Kya?” Razlyn asks.

“Who?” Bredan questions.

“Well I guess that answers that question.” Razlyn gives a grin. “Kya is a good friend of mine. She lives with in the Highwater Swamps . There she is known as the Swamp Girl. She may have something that may assist us in finding the others. I suggest we head her way.”

“What exactly would she have to help find the others?” Bredan asks.

“A crystal that will guide you the one who you’ve lost. It’s known as The Olden Stone.” Razlyn comments.

Bredan nods, Perhaps you may have something Red. Atleast it is a better plan than not having one at all.”

“Yes, I truly believe she could assist us, my love.” Red grins.

“Yes, but we should get some rest. Although rest will be difficult sleeping on twigs and leaves.” Bredan sarcastically states.

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