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Chapter Twenty Four: A New Course

Exiting out of the Timberwood Forest, Evelyn and young Damien leads their remaining fellowship for the harbors of the Sea of Legends. Crossing over rolling hills of vibrant green grasses, Damien spots a herd of buffalo looking creatures. The young heir notices that They have three tails, and a maroon gem on their foreheads. He also spots A weird species of rhino with rocky plated skin, with four short legs, has a triangular head with narrow, red eyes, two fangs protruding from its upper jaw, small, triangular openings on the upper sides, and a short horn on the tip of its snout.

While walking, young Damien worries for his elven and dragon friends Bredan and Razlyn in which they left back in Timberwoods. Every so often Damien looks over his shoulders to see if he could see them coming from behind, but no one came. Damien sighs.

“What’s the matter Damien?” Xena asks.

“I keep thinking we should have gone back for Bredan and Razlyn. Maybe my decision in leaving them behind was wrong.” Damien expressed.

“Don’t doubt yourself. Someone had to make the hard decision, and you after all is the only one who can really make that decision. You are king after all.” Xena states.
“Can I tell you something that I haven’t told anyone yet.” Damien asks.

“Sure can. I can keep a secret. Although if it’s something everyone should know, don’t you think you should share it with everyone?” Xena comments.

Damien huffs with a sigh, “Maybe you’re right. I should tell everyone.”

“Then tell them.” Xena grins at Damien. “It would be the right thing to do.”

Damien nods with agreement at the Druid, “You’re right. Evelyn! Stop for a moment won’t ya!”

Evelyn froze and turned to look back at Damien who walked next to Xena. “What is it?”

“I have something to say to all of you.” Damien replies.

“What is it Master Damien?” Marat asks.

“I haven’t told you all the total truth, especially you Evelyn.” Damien sighs kicking the grass with his head down.

Evelyn walks back towards Damien, “What do you mean exactly?”

“I kinda knew about all this. I mean the whole coming here and being king thing.” Damien responds.

“How is that possible?” Ming asks.

“I had a dream the night before Evelyn and you came to get me.” Damien replies. “You see I visited an old castle ruin, which actually looked a lot like the White Pearl.. Anyways, after my visit there, I had a weird dream. I spoke with a woman and an old wizard with in the great throne room in the White Pearl. They told me of my destiny, but I didn’t want to believe them. I never thought I would have ever gotten here, or even thought of a place like this existed.”

“Wait, are you telling me Dorlius talked to you?” Evelyn asks, “And you didn’t think of telling me this?”

“He never said his name, but I guess it could have been him. Him on some chick in armor.” Damien replied.

“Wait what she look like>” Evelyn asks.

“She had long raven black hair. Very pretty.” Damien comments.

“Wait a moment that must have been my mother. But that makes no sense, she’s been gone for a very long time. Killed by the Shadow King’s minions.” Evelyn comments.

“Perhaps the dream took place before the attack on the White Pearl, Madame Evelyn.” Brute suggests.

“Yes that would make sense.” Ming nods. “He must have met Dorlius and Madame Scarlet before the attack. Maybe that was one of Dorlius’ visions of knowing of Damien’s part in the prophecy.”

“So why now share this information to us Master Damien?” Brute asks.

“It’s just been on my shoulders. Like a boulder holding me down. I guess I felt guilty not saying anything about it.” Damien sighs.

“Well I am sure glad you told us.” Ming smiles.

“Yes, although this would have been easier when we met, I guess telling us now then never is a good thing.” Evelyn expressed as she turned around and started once again walking for the Sea of Legends.

“Great job, D.” Xena smiles at him, “You did the right thing there.”

Approaching the great body of water, Damien could smell the fresh salt waters. The sea itself was beautiful as it glistens like a mirror of blues and greens. In the distance Damien could spot dolphins jumping, seagulls flying over head, and a whale popping up from under the water. The waves of the water rolled lively.

“Yum. I love the fresh smell of salt water. It reminds me of the time I visited the beach in California.” Damien sniffs the sea breeze.

Brute stomps down near the beach area where a palm tree stood tall. There the muscular minotaur sits below against the tree’s trunk and relaxed for the time being as the others looked around at the sea before them. Evelyn sees that the harbor in which they were searching for was not anywhere near where they were.

“Harbor Valley must be more south then where we are.” Evelyn squints her eyes due to the sun, as she looks around the surrounding areas.

“Then perhaps we should rest for a little while, and pick back up after we have some lunch.” Damien suggests.

“Yes, perhaps a little rest and food would do us all some good.” Xena sits down upon a boulder, and takes her pack off her back, scrounging through it to find some food.

Pulling out a loaf of bread from her satchel, Evelyn split the bread evenly and offers it to each of her fellow comrades. Xena does the same with her radishes and apples, and the company enjoys a nice small lunch on the beach. All except Brute who was fast asleep under the palm tree.

“So now where do we go from here?” Damien asks as she feasts on his piece of bread.

“Well does anyone have a map that I can take a look at?” Evelyn asks.

Ming giggles, “If anyone would be able to conjure up a map it would be you Eve.”

Damien takes out his phone, “Perhaps the GPS on my phone could help us.”

“What is a GPS?” Evelyn asks.

“It’s like a map, only it shows you where to go exactly.” Damien comments as he turns on his I-Phone. “But I have no service here. Shit! This place needs a real update with technology.”

“Well this sucks cowbells!: Evelyn sighs.

“Hey!” Marat huffs.

“Sorry. No offense there Marat. Wasn’t trying to be rude. I just wish we knew exactly where we are. It be easier to find at least Harbor Valley.” Evelyn apologized.

Xena shuffles into her bag, and pulls out a map and hands it to Evelyn, “Here. Take this. It is my only one, so please take good care of it.”

“You had a map the whole entire time?” Evelyn asks.

“Well I am sure you could have pulled one out of your magic satchel there. Yes, I know of your satchel Evelyn. I can feel the magic source off of it.” Xena comments. “But I guess asking it for a map is way to difficult.”

Evelyn glares at the Druid

“Knock it off. Why do you two always have to bicker? I feel like I am around my sisters.” Damien calls out.

Evelyn opens up the map and begins looking at it closely. “Hum, it looks to me we may be closer to Daven Port then anywhere else.”

“Hey look! Over there!” Ming spots a ship in the distance on the salty sea waters.

“It’s a ship.” Xena comments.

Looking at it closely through a spyglass she took from Dorlius’ study Evelyn could see the flapping flag. “Pirates.”

“Great. Are they good pirates like Will Turner or Jack Sparrow?” Damien giggles a comment.

“How do you know of them?” Evelyn turns and looks at Damien with a shock on her face. “Those two are real legends around here.”

“Seriously? Like I thought they were made up by Disney people.” Damien comments.

“Who?” Marat asks.

“Oh never mind. You wouldn’t understand.” Damien sighs shaking his head.

“Pirates are never good company.” Marat comments.

“And when are minotaur?” Ming giggles.

“Marat huffs air from his nose. “Rodents aren’t either.”

“I think we should take our chance with them. I haven’t had any problems with the pirates I’ve met.” Xena replies.

“I agree. I’d actually wouldn’t mind meeting a few pirates.” Damien grins looking over at Xena.

“Fine, but we must stay cautious. Pirates are no normal folk. After all most of them are thieves, beggars, and criminals.” Evelyn points out.

With no hesitation, Ming scurries over to Brute and climbs up the minotaur upon it’s snout. Brute opens his eyes only to find the ferret staring at him.

“What the! Get off muskrat!” Brute flips and stands quickly to his feet shooing Ming off him. “What do you want?”

“We’re heading out.” Ming tells Brute.

“Where are we going?” Brute asks.

“To meet with pirates.” Ming answers as he scurried away towards the others.

“Wait! Did you say pirates?!” Brute hurries and follows the ferret.

As the huffing minotaur catches up to the others, Evelyn smiles.

“Nice for you to join us Master Brute.” Damien comments.

“Did I hear the squirrel right? Are we to meet with pirates?” Brute huffs out of breath.

“Ming is right Master Brute. We are going to meet with pirates.” Damien responds.

“Do you think it is a wise decision my sire?” Brute asks.

“It’s a good of plan then any, I guess.” Damien says.

The fellowship continues along the beachside until they find themselves looking upon a vast crew of pirates loading supplies on lifeboats. The pirates all were different in looks. There were tall figured men, midgets, women, and even children. They could also spot a few critters with them, satyrs, a minotaur, and even nymphs. All dressed the part of a pirate from head to toe.

As the company approaches, the pirates soon spots them and stops what they are doing starring upon the individuals. A nymph girl with tan skin, green eyes, wearing a bandana on her head, a ragged brown ripped dress, and a belt with a sword on her hip steps forward.

“Arr! Who are ye? What purpose do ye have here?” the nymph asks.

“We call parley! We come in peace. We would like to speak with your captain.” Damien blurts out.

“Who are ye to make such orders, lad?” the nymph asks unsheathing her sword.

“Mae back off, mate. Let the poor unfortunate souls through.” calls out a female voice.

As the nymph stepped aside, Damien finds himself looking up a beautiful, average height, brown-skinned girl with thick, long turquoise hair put into braided dreadlocks. Her makeup is lightly made, with an exception to her turquoise colored eye-shadow. She wears a turquoise leather jacket that is slightly military looking to represent her leadership. Sporting a dark purple mesh shirt with a turquoise bodice under her military jacket as well. She also wears two belts along with a turquoise and brown fringed skirt, with aqua colored leggings and brown distressed boots. She wears finger less, leather black gloves and a sheath to hold her sword. Her pirate hat, leather jacket, and shoes are all distressed. They all are adorned with different types of sea trinkets like shiny little crabs, oyster shells, starfishes, seashells, octopuses, feathers, nets, and little skulls. She sports various accessories like her scallywag swag earrings, turquoise, and white bead bracelets, her mother’s golden seashell necklace, her pirate crews symbolic pin, and a golden ring. A few other pirates stands around her.

“My dear, sweet child. What brings you to the Mary Jane?” the teen asks.

“Are you the captain?” Evelyn asks.

“No, I am her first mate, and second in command. Name’s Nessie.” the teen comments.

“We’ve come to speak on the treaty of old with your captain.” Evelyn comments.

“Aye, the treat of old has no place with us pirates. Ye should know that.” Nessie giggles.

“Nessie, silence ye self me dear. I can handle these ruffians.” says another female voice. “They seem like no threat to us.”

Pushing through the crowd of pirates was another woman. She looked more like a captain of a pirate ship, then Nessie did, although Nessie could have passed nicely as one. The woman has long red dreadlocks, blue eyes, freckled skin, and thin build. She wears a captain’s hat upon her head with a red sash strip, a white puffy sleeved V-neck shirt under a black and red vest, which was over a long black leather trench coat with gold buttons on the sleeves and large pockets. She has black boots on her feet, hoped earrings on both her ears, a ruby necklace around her neck, gold rings on her fingers, a pirate’s scimitar on her left hip, while a single shot pistol on her right hip. Upon her shoulder is a Capuchin monkey of black and white.

“Who are you Miss?” Brute asks.

“I could ask you the same, minotaur.” the woman comment. “Do ye not know of a capt’n when ye see one? Name’s Capt’n Hallie Taylor. I’m the Cap of the Mary Jane, the fastest ship upon the Sea of Legends.”

“It’s a pleasant to met you Captain. I am Damien Foxx of the White Pearl of Torman.” Damien sticks out his hand.

Hallie looks at the boy’s hand, “What ye want me to do with that?”

“Oh, never mind.” Damien drops his hand to his side. “Sorry I keep forgetting I’m not on my own world.”

“Ye own world?” Hallie asks.

“Yes I am not officially from Granderhill. I’m from Earth.” Damien comments.

“What is this boy talkin’ about? Is he ill of somethin’?” Hallie asks looking over at Xena and Evelyn.

“Don’t mind him, Captain. It’s all hard to explain everything.” Evelyn comments. “But we really have come over to you as we have a proposition for you.”

“Is that right, child?” Hallie asks.

“It is.” Evelyn replies.

“What ye got that I don’t already have?” Hallie asks with a smirk.

“Control over the sea yourself.” Evelyn comments.

“Aye, that is one thing that I do not have. But how are ye gunna get it for me? Ye got authority over this here sea?” Hallie asks.

“Damien here is the heir to Granderhill. He is the rightful king of Torman. He’ll be able to grant you full control over the Sea of Legends.” Evelyn tells Hallie.

“Is he now? A boy a king, ye say? How preposterous! I have never hear of such things.” Hallie blunts with a laugh.

“No Captain, she is telling the truth. He is the rightful heir to The White Pearl. He will become king, I guarantee that.” Ming blurts out.

“Well ain’t that somethin’, a boy as king. I guess there’s a first for everything.” Hallie giggles.

“Yes, but that shouldn’t be a surprise in this world. A lot of strange things are here.’” Damien comments.

“Why is that young king?” Hallie questions.

“Well for one, there’s dinosaurs here. Kinda strange to see dinosaurs in a world like this.” Damien giggles.

“If ye say so. Now how can I help ye?” Hallie asks.

“Passage would be nice.” Evelyn replies.

“Aye, passage I can do for ye. Where are ye all headin’?” Hallie asks.

“Harbor Valley.” Evelyn comments.

“Harbor Valley, eh? I think we can help ye get there.” Hallie nods tilting her hat gesturing to Damien. “After all who can say they escort a king. This will give my reputation a well deserve name.”

“Aren’t you pirates looking for a cruel reputation? I mean you are all thieves and beggars aren’t you?” Damien asks.

“What ye got against pirates? We ain’t all bad ye know.” Nessie blurts out.

“It’s alright, that’s what we get for our life style I guess.” Hallie chuckles. “But we pirates aren’t like Blackbeard or Davy Jones ye know. We just lookin for an honest livin’.”

“Then you’ll take us?” Evelyn asks.

“Yes mate, I think we will.” Hallie nods then turns to look at her crew, “Ye all hear that mates? We are now a voyage ship for these royalties. Show up to Harbor Valley we will. Finish up loading our previsions lads. We got a journey a head of us.”

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