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Chapter Twenty One: The One Eyed Giant

Leaving the disturbing temple of the Raksasha, Bredan escorts Damien and the company back out of the jungles and back into the Marshes of Spooks. At that very moment the sun was very low, and the moon and stars were shining in the heavens. Dark clouds cover the marshlands, as thunder and lighting fills them. The company sets up camp for the night, and this time Damien pitched in to help his new fond friends. As the minotaur sets up the tents, Razlyn scouts the perimeters, Xena and Evelyn go hunting for food, Damien and Bredan heads out into the open marsh fields to find any timber for the camp’s fire.

“How do you know so much about Dorlius’ visions of the prophecies? You couldn’t have been around five hundred years ago. You only look like my Aunt’s age.” Damien asks as she looks around holding a torch in his hand.

“Elves age differently young heir. I have been around a very long time, as has most that live in this land. Only muggles, animals, and a few humanoids have the aging you possess. Others like myself, dragons, druids, fairies, and others live a very long time and age very slowly, of they age at all.” Bredan states.

“Yes I believe I knew that. All I was saying is the visions must have been more that the five hundred years before the chaotic take over of the shadow people.” Damien comments.

“Yes you are correct on that. Though at the time I was a youngling like you. I wasn’t very old at all, I was actually just beginning to mature into my teen years.” Bredan giggles. “But I was still around to hear Greybeard’s tales of his visions when he came to my home and told my parents of them.”

“What do you mean, he came to your parents? Aren’t you just a ranger elf?” Damien asks.

“I wish I was just a common woodland elf. But I must be honest, I am of noble birth. I am a prince of the Misty Forest. I am the youngest son of King Eldmar.” Bredan comments.

“You’re the youngest?” Damien questions.

“I am. At least that’s what I know of. I doubt father has had any other younglings since I left my home.” Bredan replies as he picks up a large branch.

“Bredan why did you leave home again?” Damien asks as he picks up a small branch and a few twigs.

“You see the woodland elves and the dragons do not get along. They have a outlandish hatred for one another. I guess it’s because the dragons didn’t want to be transport for elves.” Bredan mentions.

“Did many elves ride dragons? It seems you and Razlyn gets along just fine.” Damien asks.

“Razlyn and I are a different story. We are in love, we don’t have the special one on one connection like riders and their dragons had. You see many years ago, before the Demon King’s minions over flooded the lands, elves and muggles had a special bond with dragons. An inner lock connection in which they felt each other emotionally, mentally, and physically. If one was sad, the other was sad, if one got hurt the other felt it’s pain. Razlyn and I do not have that special connection. We just fully trust one another.”

“So these riders, did they have a suppose or was it just randomly happening?” Damien asks.

“Oh riders were created to protect the rider cities. A rider city is anywhere a rider was born. Meaning where a elf or human made a bond with a dragon.” Bredan expressed. “Riders were guardians so to speak. They scouted in the skies and place the fear into any who were unwelcome.”

“Can anyone become a rider? I mean can anyone bond with any dragon?” Damien’s interested went up.

“Not exactly. A rider is only connected to a hatchling. Meaning a dragon will not hatch out of it’s egg until the egg is in the rider’s hand. And the dragon won’t hatch for just anyone. There is a feeling of emotion that runs into both the dragon and the rider when they find one another.” Bredan tells Damien. “It’s difficult to explain, as I never had the opportunity to become a real rider. But some say it’s a tingle and then a swarm of emotion with visions of thought.”

“I wish I could be a dragon rider. It sounds like an exciting job to have.” Damien smiles wide.

“Unfortunately a dragon rider has not been in Havenya for a real long time. And by the sound of what Cersei was saying, all but one remains.” Bredan responds. “But I believe that you have a larger job ahead of you my young king. You have a journey like no other will have. Something that will change the entire world of Granderhill.”

“I hope you’re right, otherwise this whole trip seems a waste of time if you ask me.” Damien sighs.

“Do not fret young king, you will be a legend, a hero. You will see.” Bredan smiles. Now let us return to camp, I believe we have enough lumber here for our fire. It is getting late, and we do not want to be out here to long.”

Bredan and Damien turns back on their path and begin to make their way back for the camp where the others are waiting for the firewood. As the two travelers make their way back to their fellowship, a thunderous rumble sounds and the ground shakes. Stopping from pushing forward, Bredan looks around and sees a large image heading in their direction.

“Damien get low and stay low. Something is coming this way.” Bredan whispers hand gesturing Damien to get low.

Damien squats down in the tall marsh grasses next to Bredan as they kept real still and quiet. Looking towards the way of the large shadow, the image became clear to Bredan. With the sight of an owl, Bredan could finally describe what was coming towards them. It was a giant, a bald headed, bear gut, one eyed Caucasian giant wearing a loincloth and gripping a large boulder club with spikes.

“Borg.” Bredan whispers.

“Who?” Damien asks with a low voice.

“Borg. A Cyclopes.” Bredan replies. “He often roams these areas to hunt. We have nothing to worry about if he doesn’t spot us. He is strong and large, but not to bright.”

“So we just wait here then?” Damien whispers.

“Absolutely not. We move, but move slowly and low.” Bredan tells Damien as he begins moving low in the marsh grasses.

As they move slowly and with caution towards the camp and away from Borg, Damien trips over a large root that stuck out of the ground. With a great thump Damien shrieks out a cry of pain.

“Damien. Are you okay?” Bredan asks as he helps the young king to his feet.

“I think I twisted my ankle.” Damien hobbles as he barely places pressure on his left foot.

Damien’s cry got Borg’s attention quickly. “Food! I see food!”

“What do we do Bredan? He’s coming!” Damien asks in a panic. “I can’t barely walk.”

“Food! Come to me food!” Borg calls out as he thunder stomps towards Bredan and Damien.

Bredan picks up Damien and with his expeditious elven speed runs as fast as he could go on foot, as the rampaging Cyclopes bounds behind them. As Bredan ran with panic in his eyes, Damien looks at the elf with worry. A sudden thing came over Damien. In his head he began thinking of a song that he truly loved listening to. The song went:

“I can’t keep hiding, I can’t keep running. So I’m gonna be stronger. I’m gonna be better made, and I’m gonna give everything.”

With these lyrics in his head, Damien pushes against Bredan’s chest, rolling out of his hands and stands to his feet looking at Breadan, “No, we will not run anymore. I can’t keep hiding. I must make a stand now, or I never will!”

“Damien you are not thinking straight. This is not a good time for you to start being brave. You and I are no match alone to a large Cyclopes like Borg.” Bredan states to Damien.

“No! I will not run no more! I have been cowardly for far too long. If I am ever going to be this brave king that this prophecy is saying that I am, I must face my foes and my fears straight on.” Damien calls out as he unsheathed his sword.

Damien turns away from the woodland elf and with his sword in hand he limps in a run towards the giant Cyclopes. Bredan shakes his head, pulling out his bow and reaching back for an arrow. Following behind his future king, Bredan trots.

As Damien and the Cyclopes Borg meet face to face, the Cyclopes looks down at the preteen before him. The Cyclopes gives out a large laugh, as he slaps his knee. “Ha! A boy has come to face me. This is such an unusual day.”

“Surrender Borg!” Damien order out towards the one eyed giant.

Borg laughs again, “Who orders me to give up my hunt? You are only a scrawny ant. And your elf there is no match for the strength of me.”

“I would watch your tongue Cyclopes.” Bredan comments with his bowstring drawn. “I am not one to call names. I am an excellent shot and will not miss. I assure you that.”

“You no threat to me. You are simply food.” Borg grunts as he reaches down towards Damien.
As the Cyclopes’ hand gets close to Damien, Damien swung his sword in which gave a mighty cut into the giant’s flesh. Borg reacts as he stands back straight, with a little fear in his eyes. “What you do that for?”

“I said stand down giant! I am Damien Foxx future king of the White Pearl! I command you to heed, or suffer with Spine here!” Damien raises up his sword which gave a great shine off of the blade.

Borg eyes the sword as he held his finger. “I know that sword. How do you posses such a weapon?”

“As he said you dumb pathetic giant. He is the heir of Granderhill. The great grandson of the mighty king Aldimus. Show respect and kneel before your king!” Bredan orders.

“I would do as they say!” Growls Razlyn as she flies in for a landing right next to Damien and Bredan. “I would hate to torch you into ash.”

“You are with them dragon?” Borg asks.

“Yes, “Snarls Razlyn. “Now do what they say. Kneel before your king!”

Borg kneels and lowers his head, “Borg not want trouble with future king. Borg only want peace to hunt as he will. Don’t hurt Borg for misunderstanding.”

“Perhaps the giant could be useful my liege?” Razlyn telepathically comments to Damien.

“What are you thinking Razlyn?” Damien answers back in his mind.

“Please call me Red for now on. We are true friends now. I suggest we send him to Torman. He would be a good use there. Guarding the city walls.” Razlyn states to her king.

Damien looks over at Bredan who was also connected mentally with Damien and Razlyn. Bredan smiles and nods with approval. Damien nods back to both the woodland elf and the scarlet dragon.

“I will grant your apology Borg if you pledge your loyalty to the Pearl and to Torman.” Damien looks up at the Cyclopes. “You must go there and seek out Rumla the great black panther, in whom I have left in charge. She will make sure you have a place there. Guard my home well giant, and all will be forgiven.”

“If that is what you wish, than Borg will go to Torman and meet panther.” Borg responds.

“Then rise Borg the Robust. Head for Torman immediately.” Damien orders.

The Cyclopes stands to his feet and begins his way towards the Capital city of Havenya.

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